If Your Business Was Hit With A Virus, Could You Cope?


While the internet has always been a danger for businesses, today’s interconnectedness increases the risk. Practically every firm now shares information online, much of which hackers can use to their advantage. 

The data on the number of breaches makes for terrifying reading. Cyberattacks have affected practically every country in the world, and no business is safe. Equifax reported in 2017, for instance, that it was subject to an attack in which it lost the personal information of more than 145 million customers. Something similar happened on MyHeritage the following year. 

Companies, therefore, must take steps now to contain the problem. 

Training is probably the best defense. As the following infographic shows, the more skills you can give people, the more robust you can make your data against intruders. Part of the solution is to make effective use of big data analysis. Companies that understand how to conduct proper malware research and macro trends analysis will put themselves ahead of the game. Likewise, firms that train their regular employees to spot ransomware and phishing attempts will also increase their security. 

There’s also an increasing need for companies to test their systems with simulated attacks. The more robust they can be from all angles, the better they are able to defend themselves. 

If you’re interested in matters of security, please take a look at the following infographic. It plots some of the risks that companies face as well as the steps that they can take to train their people. Read on for more.