LG Libreng Labada Continues with its 2nd Laundry Love for Taal


Even if the Alert Level of Taal Volcano has been downgraded, the threat of a destructive volcanic eruption is still very real. Those affected by last month’s phreatic eruption are slowly trying to get their lives back together, but a lot of families, especially those in the volcano’s immediate vicinity, are left without anything to come home to.

While the worst might seem to be over, all of the evacuees still need a lot of help. LG Philippines was one of the organizations who were first to lend a hand last month by staging its popular Laundry Love Project which provided commercial grade washing machines so that Taal evacuees could have access to clean and hygienic clothing. LG, together with its team of employees and volunteers, visited the evacuation centers in Alfonso Central School, Kaylaway National Highschool, and DOH Rehab Center over the course of a week for the Laundry Love program and to provide medical missions to give physical and optical checkups for the evacuees.

LG paid a visit again to the evacuation centers in Batangas since there’s still work to be done. They re-staged the Laundry Love Project like last month but seeing the demand and the need for it, the company brought even more washing machines to cater to more families. #TeamLG visited the evacuation center in Laurel, Batangas for four days to ensure that everyone gets a chance.

LG also donated to the evacuation center 2 refrigerators, 2 LED Television sets, and 2 X-Boom speakers each, bringing the grand total of 25 refrigerators, 16 LED TVs, and 25 X-Boom speakers donated and distributed across the different evacuation centers. Speaking more about the program, LG Philippines’ Managing Director, Inkwun Heo, said “We’re here for the people of Taal. We sincerely hope that the worst is over, but rest assured that LG is fully committed to help in bringing this remarkable community back to its feet. Their resilience is a true testament to the strength of the Filipino people.”

To formally receive the donations, LG turned them over to Mayor Joan Lamero-Amo, Mayor of Laurel, Batangas. “It is with utmost gratitude that we accept LG’s generous support during this tumultuous time. You have our heartfelt thanks”.