PLDT Enterprise partners with Alibaba Cloud to power 30th SEA Games ESports event


PLDT Enterprise, the b2b arm of the Philippines’ leading ICT and digital services provider, sealed a partnership with Alibaba Cloud—the data intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group—to serve the 30th Southeast Asian Games with its leading cloud technologies which ensured a smooth and efficient debut for ESports at the regional sport event. 

Since 2013, the PLDT Group has been at the forefront of providing technologies that have supported the country’s ESports endeavors—rightly building up capabilities of local athletes and enabling them to compete globally. 

This initiative with Alibaba Cloud, the No.1 cloud service provider in Asia Pacific, is in line with the PLDT Group’s vision to boost the Philippines’ growing cloud ecosystem. With SEA Games showcasing ESports as a medal event, the two technology providers ensured that athletes would be treated with a seamless and world-class gaming experience by offering cloud infrastructure solutions and connectivity services. 

“The Philippines is among promising contenders in the field of gaming—not just in Southeast Asia but at a global scale as well. We at PLDT are extremely keen on supporting this growth trajectory by providing local gamers with services that will allow them to hone their potential and likewise, by connecting technology providers such as Alibaba Cloud with the right market to invest their infrastructure and services in,” said PLDT Enterprise Regional Head for Asia Pacific Jeff Mendoza. 

At this tournament, PLDT leveraged its wholly owned Ethernet Private Line (EPL) service— through its international cables APCN2, ASE, and AAG—to bring Alibaba’s Cloud computing services coming from its Point of Presence (PoP) in Singapore and Hong Kong. The same computing services and technologies provided by Alibaba Cloud are used by Alibaba to support its globally renowned e-commerce business and ecosystem. 

“We are very proud to be able to help the ESports operate more efficiently, effectively and smoothly, and we would like to thank PLDT Enterprise for having us to be part of this momentous occasion with our combined connectivity solutions. Together with our local partners, we will continue to provide world-class cloud products and solutions to our customers in the Philippines to facilitate more local success cases in the digital era,” said Leo Liu, General Manager of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International, Hong Kong, Macau, Korea and Philippines. 

As the Philippines’ leading service provider, PLDT boasts of an extensive roster of clients and partners throughout the Asia Pacific—having points of presence (PoPs) in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and Australia, to name a few—making it the ideal partner for enterprises looking to bring their businesses to the Philippines and other neighboring regions.