Experience Skin Rebirth with Lavieen


I am very lazy when it comes to skincare. I usually spend thousands buying an entire set of beauty products, religiously start a skincare regimen and then stop after two weeks because I find it too time consuming. When I celebrated my 43rd birthday last September, I noticed how dull my skin looked like. Add to the dullness the large pores, acne marks, and the regular pesky pimple breakout on my chin. It was depressing. I finally decided to do something and commit.

First visit, September 2019

Before my first visit in September 2019, the last time I had a facial was probably two years ago. I just can't find time (or don't make time) to squeeze into my hectic "eventful" blogger schedule. I guess getting old and meeting a lot of people while having a bad skin somehow touched a chord and made me take action.

Collagen Mask

I visit Svelt'i Aesthetic Centre at least once or twice a month for facial and diamond peel. My favorite so far is the Oxygen Rejuvenating Facial.

Photodynamic Therapy

I also tried once the photodynamic therapy which is an effective adjunctive treatment for acne. It uses photosensitizer in combination with light source and oxygen.

And then there's Lavieen.

Remember when BB cream became a popular skin care product because of its benefits? If you love your BB cream, Lavieen is the high-tech version of it.

Lavieen is also known as BB laser. This state-of-the-art laser technology uses thulium laser to emit pulses of searing, soft light into your skin, penetrating deep into its epidermis and dermis layers. It means both layers of your skin are treated with rigorous medical precision. 

The surface of our skin is regularly exposed to sun, dirt, and other risk factors while the inner layer produces collagen and other substances responsible for healing and rejuvenation.

After one session of Lavieen

Lavieen's laser lights do not just remove the external effects of the pollutants but also help release the nutrients that are already in the skin to combat any toxins and weed them out. After one treatment, the skin becomes healthier and more resistant to breakouts, blackheads, and other blemishes.

My experience

The entire session (including the cleansing of the face) took around 30-40 minutes. The Lavieen laser treatment was around 15 minutes. I did not have a topical anaesthesia. There's a tolerable hot, tingling sensation during the treatment. While it's recommended for first timers to have a topical anaesthesia applied, I have a high tolerance for pain so it's okay for me. 

There is no down time. After the treatment, you are not supposed to wash your face within 24-48 hours. You just have to make sure that you use sunblock protection at all times. It is recommended that you do not use any makeup for 24-48 hours and avoid exposure to sunlight or any sources of direct heat up to 72 hours.

My skin is far from perfect. The acne marks and large pores on my nose are still visible. I have the pesky pimples on my chin that won't go away but are more manageable now. I have a long way to go but I'm getting there. I'm documenting my journey to my #BestSelfEver and I'll be sharing my story at www.fortybeyond.com once I reached my desired result. Hopefully, it will be before my 44th birthday this September.

I'll be having a few more Lavieen sessions plus my regular facial and diamond peel. Here's the deal. Svelt'i is offering the Lavieen treatment at an introductory promo price of P5,000 until March 14. This treatment is worth P30,000 so it's really a great deal. 

Another tip. I always check out Deal Grocer and stock up on Svelt'i  facial and treatments.

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