Small ways to help others during the quarantine


No matter how small an act of kindness is, it will definitely create an impact.

While the Filipinos deal with the current public health situation, it can be tough to find spots of hope and happiness in the confines of our home. While we may be healthy physically, it is also important to keep our mental health in check. In a time of difficulty, it isn’t too hard for all of us to be someone else’s source of light with small acts of kindness even when we cannot be physically there.

You might be thinking how to do anything when you’re practicing social distancing and staying at home. With the help of apps like PayMaya, it’s easier than ever to send some love and share your blessings with others. Here are little ways to spread love in the time of COVID-19.

1. Send money to anyone who needs it

Whether you want to help out a relative, a friend, or the family of your kasambahay, you can transfer funds quickly and easily to any PayMaya account, Smart Padala agents, Palawan Express, or any bank accounts under Instapay using the PayMaya app. In these trying times, helping them with funds for food and other supplies can really mean a lot.

Just make sure your account is upgraded so you can easily send funds to your peers. PayMaya’s upgrade is pretty easy and can be done within 24 hours, provided that you have sufficient documents. Learn how to upgrade your account by visiting

2. Help pay the bills

Now that work is a little harder to come by, there may be people you know who need help paying bills, such as your parents or your kasambahay. If you’re able to, chipping in for bills can go a long way in this time of need. Fortunately, it’s also incredibly easy to pay a wide variety of billers on the PayMaya app, like Meralco, Smart, Manila Water, and a lot more.

You can do this with a few taps on your PayMaya app’s Pay Bills function in just a few minutes – and in the comfort and safety of your home to boot.

3. Buy a hearty snack for a friend

Some of us may be having a hard time emotionally during this crisis, so a favorite snack could do a lot to cheer our friends up. Why not have milk tea delivered to a friend who’s craving for it? You can pay for food delivery services with your PayMaya card, and restaurants like Domino’s Pizza, Goldilocks, Burger King, and Army Navy with your PayMaya number. So it’s definitely easy to do!

4. Treat a delivery person to a meal

You might have some food delivered every now and then during the quarantine, so why not take the time to treat your hardworking riders to an extra meal or snack to keep their energy up? When you pay for food delivery using PayMaya, consider ordering another item for your rider to show them how much you appreciate what they do. Angkas, for example, has launched a PayMaya QR code where you can donate directly for the benefit of their drivers.

5. Donate to organizations providing response and relief

If you’ve got some money to spare, especially some Balik Bayad from PayMaya, why not consider donating it to organizations that need your help? There are a lot of organizations raising funds to provide protective equipment, food, and other essentials to both frontliners and Filipinos affected by COVID-19, and you can immediately donate to any of them through the PayMaya app or as part of the #OneAgainstCOVID19 initiative. These organizations have collectively raised P11 million in a week through this platform, proving that all it takes is extra left over to be pledged for a good cause.

With all these little acts of kindness, we can help each other out in this crisis and stand as #OneAgainstCOVID19. If you don’t have a PayMaya account yet and would like a faster and more convenient way to help, you can easily make one by downloading PayMaya for iOS or Android from the App Store or Google Play.

For more information and updates on PayMaya’s donation drives, follow @PayMayaOfficial on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To help you maximize your PayMaya account, just visit