Robinsons Bank assures service amid crisis, enhances digital services for better banking experience


While the entirety of the Philippines is under a State of Calamity due to the COVID-19 virus, Robinsons Bank (RBank) has taken immediate adequate steps to ensure that it maintains its excellent banking services for its various customers and stakeholders amid the COVID-19 crisis.

RBankers: A resilient workforce offering their dedication to serve amidst crisis

As the first two (2) weeks of the quarantine's implementation became a handful for the majority of businesses, RBank strived to deliver the same quality of services that it has provided since.

In the beginning of the ECQ, 62% of RBank’s branch network nationwide continued to operate to ensure that there is an easily accessible bank that can cater to clients’ needs. Furthermore, 92% of RBank ATMs replenished consistently to serve various communities across the nation. Customers can also find RBank's "24R Hub" – the bank's 24/7 digital bank hubs in strategic locations, which will allow them to withdraw and deposit cash, and pay bills via RBank Digital (online banking).

RBank’s Cash Management Services remain in the service of its corporate clients. The Bank’s corporate online banking platform, e2Banking, continues to service corporate and SME customers enabling clients to have online access to their balances and transaction history. They can remotely facilitate their fund transfer requests not only to Robinsons Bank accounts but to other accounts with any local bank.

In support of the “Bayanihan To Heal as One Act," RBank has expanded coverage of the grace period for all corporate loans, consumer loans, and credit card payments with due dates from March 16 to May 15, 2020. The loan grace period has nationwide coverage and provides various concessions to ease clients with the burden brought about by the crisis, such as waived penalties and fees on returned checks and the suspension of auto-debit and PDC payments during the ECQ period.

Moreover, the Bank has continued to lower its transaction fees from Php 25.00 to now only one-peso, providing customers with a “Piso-fee promo” for online fund transfers of PesoNet and InstaPay.

RBank is also enhancing RBank Digital, its online banking platform to provide users with a mobile banking experience that’s like no other.

“While we urge the country to limit face-to-face interactions to mitigate the spread of the virus, RBank has made it easier for you to enjoy your banking experience in the safety of your homes. More than ever, we strive to enhance your personal online banking experience with our RBank Digital, our online banking

platform to offer you accessible and convenient banking that's just at your fingertips.” Robinsons Bank’s statement reads

Expanding digital efforts to cater to your needs

Last April 23, RBank has introduced RBank Sign Up – the mobile app that allows you to open a new bank account online. The new app proves that banking is all about ease and convenience. It only requires one government ID, and it uses facial recognition and real time ID detection for a fast, easy, and secure experience.

With RBank Sign Up, clients can apply for an RBank account wherever and whenever – free of charge! Bank details can be received within minutes of signing up, and yes— there's no need to go to the branch.

Clients can also expect that there’s more to come with the new feature in RBank Digital. They'll be able to view their credit card transactions in real-time, transfer funds using a QR code making it the “QuickR way” to send money, and make payments to participating online stores.

“We will navigate through these uncertain times and find new ways to deepen our relationship with you by providing services that will help strengthen your financial position in the coming months. In all our endeavors, we are determined to put you, our valued customer, at the heart of our service.” Robinsons Bank assures that even with the new norm that the COVID-19 situation created, it will remain committed to providing unwavering service.