JBL Earphones Endurance Series: Sweat It Out with these Independence Day Deals from Shopee


Did you know that listening to music while doing your fitness routine can help you perform better? Music can help you get through a tough workout and can even make you feel less tired. It is very common to see fitness enthusiasts wearing a pair of earphones while working out. But not all earphones are made for high intensity workout.  In choosing the right sports earphones, you must take into consideration the kind of fitness regimen you are into. The JBL earphones Endurance Series is your best partner while you sweat it out in the gym or at home.

JBL Endurance Sprint In Ear Wireless Sport Headphones

The JBL Endurance SPRINT headphones gives you an hour of listening time you won't even notice how much calories you have burned. This wireless and IPX7 waterproof in-ear headphones is durable and designed to be suitable in all weather or sport conditions. The Bluetooth® wireless technology allows you to stream music without the wires getting in the way while you do your workout.

JBL Endurance Jump In Ear Wireless Sport Headphones

Never worry that your earphones will fall off when doing high intensity workout if you are wearing a JBL Endurance Jump In Ear Wireless Sport Headphones. The PowerHook technology provides a secure fit ear hook design, which automatically turns the power on/off when wearing or off the earphones. The TwistLockTM and FlexSoftTM technologies makes the earphones lightweight comfortable to wear.

JBL Endurance Dive In Ear Wireless Sport Headphones with MP3

Does your fitness regimen includes water activities? Or you probably love to cool down by plunging into the pool to have a few laps? JBL Endurance DIVE headphones is built to keep up with your workout whether in the gym or in the pool. Dive has a 1 gb memory storage and with 8 hours of battery life. 

Whether you want to sprint, jump, or dive, there's a JBL earphones designed to make listening to your workout playlist a satisfying experience. Purchase a pair of JBL earphones at their official Shopee store https://shopee.ph/jblphilippines 

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