HealthSolutions makes renewed vow to continue empowering the country’s healthcare sector through high-quality medical equipment and supplies



Since its inception in 2006, HealthSolutions Enterprises Inc. (HealthSolutions) has been enabling medical institutions in the Philippines to become better equipped in providing care for patients by bringing the world's leading healthcare brands to our shores. Now, as it celebrates its 14th anniversary, HealthSolutions has made a renewed vow to continue aiding the country’s healthcare industry in its goal to deliver high-quality medical services to Filipinos.

HealthSolutions was founded with the mission to be a reliable and dependable partner of the healthcare industry in providing quality patient care, maximum medical professionals’ safety, and innovative end-to-end hospital solutions. By leveraging on its employees’ skills and talents, as well as cost effective systems, HealthSolutions is able to deliver on its commitment in significantly contributing to building a healthy nation.

The company has consistently strengthened its portfolio of brands, bringing the world's leading healthcare supplies and equipment developers within reach by local healthcare institutions. This includes globally renowned brands such as GE Healthcare, Siemens Healthineers, Medtronic, Philips, 3M, Vyaire, Bard Medical and Verathon, just to name a few.

These past few years were not without challenges. The latest adversity to test the company's resilience is the COVID-19 health crisis. Just like most companies, HealthSolutions continues to deal with fears and uncertainties regarding its operations amid the pandemic. Knowing that a lot of their partner healthcare institutions are depending on their ability to deliver essential medical supplies and equipment, the company knows it has to press on and continue delivering on its mission, no matter what.

Doing so is not an easy task. HealthSolutions had to not only meet the higher demand for a number of medical supplies, it also had to continue serving and delivering to health institutions even with a skeletal workforce. The company had to push through with their operations despite limitations on logistical capacity, due to government-implemented lockdown measures.

To do all this, HealthSolutions had to make sure that their employees are provided with all the assurance that they need, so they can continue to carry out their tasks. The company has been doing all that it can to enable a working environment that is safe for the health of the employees, from regular COVID-19 testing, to the provision of personal protective equipment and disinfection tools, to implementing strict daily health monitoring. The company has also assured employees of their salaries, provided accommodation and transportation for its skeletal workforce, and internet subsidy for employees who are on work-from-home arrangement. An increase of the HMO Coverage of employees has also been applied by the company.

“Through these efforts, HealthSolutions has been able to continuously provide support to hospitals and other healthcare establishments in a time it is needed the most, ensuring that these institutions are always equipped to meet the current demands of the healthcare industry,” said HealthSolutions’ President and Chief Executive Officer, Prof. Ralph Ante.

“As the country remains embattled by the highly contagious and deadly disease, HealthSolutions promises to always remain true to its mission, just like when it first started its journey 14 years ago. Our brand DNA of being a caring and resilient partner of medical institutions and healthcare professionals is our North Star. It guides us to Navigate the Now, Plan the Recovery and Lead in the New Normal,” he concluded.