MILO Home Court Campaign inspires kids pursue sports even at home


MILO Home Court Campaign

As parents continue to learn how to adjust in the new normal, they are faced with an even bigger challenge and responsibility of finding ways to keep their kids active and healthy while at home. To assist moms and dads in this hour of need, MILO has launched its Home Court campaign, providing access for parents and their kids to the resources they need to jumpstart and continue their sporting ambitions, even in the comfort of their own home. Even in these uncertain times, MILO remains committed to fueling kids’ champion journeys in sports and in life.

Being the Home Court for kids, MILO’s newest campaign encourages parents to support their kids as their champion journeys continue even at home through online training modules, remote coaching sessions, and creative solutions to equip parents as the new coaches of their children.

“More than taking part in amping up their skills with online trainings, Home Court inspires moms and dads to play a more active role as coaches to their little champs,” says Nestlé Philippines Vice President Veronica Cruz. “It’s all about being fun and imaginative with them to assist their learning and growth in their respective sports, as well as keep their champion spirit strong and nurture the lifelong character-forming values that come with it such as discipline, hard work, and self-confidence.”

MILO Home Court Campaign

Over the past few months, MILO Home Court has already launched a series of initiatives equipping parents and kids to stay active, healthy, and train like a champ. MILO Champions IG Live, for instance, featured our most prized national athletes and brand ambassadors Keifer Ravena, Alyssa Valdez, Pauline Lopez, Juan and Javi Gomez De Liaño, and Coach Rio Dela Cruz leading free workout sessions for their fans. It also introduced MILO Sports Clinics Online, a newly-introduced digital platform where kids can learn the fundamentals of basketball, volleyball, taekwondo, and gymnastics under the tutelage of professional coaches from MILO’s partner organizations—all for FREE!

After a successful first round, MILO is now gearing up to introduce new sports to its online clinics, giving more variety and room for kids to explore what they want to pursue with arnis, badminton, karate, tennis, and football.

MILO Home Court Campaign

Suited for kids ages 7 to 12 years old, each 60-minute session will be made available on YouTube for kids to try out in their homes for as long as 4 weeks per sport and will be done in parternship with professional coaches of MILO’s partner organizations such as Department of Education Arnis Association of the Philippines (DEAAP), Asuncion Badminton Center, Association for the Advancement of Karatedo in the Philippines (AAK), Children’s Tennis & Sports Management Inc., and coaches from FC Barçelona Barça Academy; all supported by the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC).

“After postponing MILO Summer Sports Clinics, we’re glad that there’s still a surge of interest from parents to let their kids participate in the online version,” says MILO Sports Executive Lester Castillo. “We know how important it is to keep the champion journeys going which is why we are providing ways for them to still pursue their sporting dreams at the safety and comfort of their homes. Together with our trusted partner sports organizations and our best efforts, all is made possible in equipping our future champions.”

Access the MILO Sports Clinics Online through this playlist

MILO Home Court Campaign

Through MILO Home Court initiatives and with the new MILO Champion Formula that contains more milk, packed with more Champion Energy Nutrients na PROTOMALTÒ, Iron, at Vitamins B2, B3, B6, and B12, at mas sulit dahil mas pinarami na ang isang sachet at the same suggested retail price, parents and their children are given the right energy to be creative and continue their champion journeys, even at home.

There’s still a lot to look forward to MILO Home Court, so stay stuned to the MILO Philippines Facebook page (@milophilippines) for exciting announcements and important updates: