Travel Asia Mini-Series: A must-read for first-timers in Asia



I've been to only two countries in Asia: Hongkong and Singapore. I kept coming back to these two countries because I feel safe and comfortable traveling on my own. These two countries feel like home to me. Planning a trip to Malaysia has been years in the making. I've got an inexplicable fear. Since I was never a fan of travel packages, I love reading travel blogs and reviews of those who DIY their trips. Then I chanced upon a blog article written by Paula Cabildo

Travel Asia Mini-Series is a book by Paula the content of which came from her blog.  Three of the countries she's been to have been on my travel bucket list for ages. I remember reading her article about Malaysia countless of time because I'm planning to DIY a trip to Penang. And she's such a sweet girl to reply to my chat messages (Oh my,  she's very busy but very accommodating!!!). 

I know we've been stuck for months now and travel is still limited but I guess it's also a great time to start looking for places to explore once the pandemic is over. If you are a first-timer in Asia, you'll find in her book itinerary suggestions of places like Camarines Norte in the Philippines, Siem Reap, Bali, and Malaysia. You will also have an idea on where to stay and how much budget you need to prepare. Her feature of Capalonga, Camarines Norte made me aware of this hidden gem in the Philippines. You must buy the book to learn more about the Selfie Beach Resort. 

She's such a darling to send me a copy. Guess what?! I'm still reading Malaysia over and over! This book is so handy I can bring it with me anywhere (and to Malaysia..... soon!) for a relaxing read. How I wish the book was published in color. I'm also a fan of her instagram travel photos. You'll definitely want to pack your luggage and book a flight if you see her snaps. 

You can purchase the Travel Asia Mini-Series from Amazon  and Google Play