Ipadama ang Alaga in the New Normal



While acts of love and care are universal, Filipinos are definitely more of the expressive kind. We’ve grown accustomed to physical touch - from our yakap, akbays, and besos – to show how much we share our love for the people we hold dear. 

Despite current circumstances preventing us from doing these, we do not hold back in expressing care; continuously finding creative ways to express these regardless of distance and time that separates us from our loved ones. These unique ways of caring for each other have become an important source of strength in moments of vulnerability in the new normal. 

Continuing its commitment in reminding all of us of the power of care, Biogesic launched its newest campaign, Ipadama ang Alaga, which seeks to highlight the importance of giving care in our own little ways, to give strength and comfort to others. Headlining the campaign is a digital video which captures the ways we care for others, regardless of who we are, and the limitations that exist. By showing the unique experiences of different individuals, the material sheds light on how acts of care, whether big or small, can have a big impact on those who receive them. 

The video features actress and endorser Jodi Sta. Maria, interacting with a fan through a video call. She narrates the rest of the story as experiences of different individuals are shown receiving or giving care to the people who matter to them. 

A caregiver receiving a jolt of strength amid his exhaustion from a card given by his patient, a Gen-Zer using her social media savviness to creatively express care and gratitude to her friends even if they’re physically apart, and an apo’s efforts to give comfort to his grandmother who can’t leave the house just yet, are weaved into a unified story. The material concludes with the brand’s signature “Ingat!” and a popular gesture - the finger heart. 

“Unconditional care, in whatever way or form, is one of the best ways we can uplift each other during these uncertain times,” shares endorser Jodi Sta. Maria. “While we may not be with our loved ones as regularly as we used to, patuloy nating ipadama ang alaga, because a little bit of love and care, can help us get through life’s challenges.” she adds. 

“We’ve commonly used ‘ingat’ as a casual parting word for our interactions. But the word has grown to mean more than that – now coupled with genuine intention to remind our friends and family to take care of themselves,” shares Mariel Alfonso, Biogesic’s Product Manager. “We wanted to attach a familiar gesture to this popular word - the finger heart – which has now become a way for us to express our care for others in lieu of our usual physical language of care. Through this campaign, we hope to help people realize that limitations are only temporary, but our ability to care is enduring.” she adds. For more information head to the brand’s Facebook page to check out updates about new stories and even tips on practicing care.