Tunay na Bayani Award: Mekeni celebrates unsung heroes


The COVID-19 pandemic put most of us in many ups and downs. It also made us realize the importance of many facets of life, including living a grateful and compassionate life.

Apart from front liners like healthcare workers, security guards, delivery personnel among others, there are also people who made the choice to rise above the challenge and pay it forward to the community.

These are the people that Mekeni Food Corporation would like to recognize in their recently launched program, Tunay na Bayani Award. 

Inspired by the grit, talent, and skills of Pinoy micropreneurs, Tunay na Bayani Award aims to recognize a new breed of exemplary Filipinos who had contributed to the development of the community in their own little way.

“The award is inspired by our very own Bayani product line that helps individuals to start a small business and ultimately provide means to support their families,” said Mekeni President Prudencio Garcia.

Garcia added that they would like Tunay na Bayani Award to serve as a catalyst for change, a motivation to normal Filipinos to strive for more and continue to uplift their livelihood and life in their community.

“We are hopeful that with Tunay na Bayani Award, we will be able to inspire more Filipinos to spread positivity and initiate goodwill. Now more than ever, we need these kinds of people who will show selfless dedication to the welfare of their countrymen and our nation as a whole,” he said.

Tunay na Bayani is not only a celebration for unsung heroes, but also Mekeni’s way of giving back to individuals who are effecting positive change in the community. It is open to those who have shown selfless and admirable acts – big or small – within and beyond their community.

For more information, visit Mekeni’s official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/mekeniph.