Reasons Mum's Want To Go Back To Work After A Baby


Every single parent out there knows that a baby is a blessing. They're miracles that change our world, and they become all of our world most of the time, too. The thing is, before we have children we're still parents, and mothers are still women with goals and ambitions. There are some women who are so happy and grateful to be at home and the first point of care for their children - and rightly so, it's what they want so they should have it. However, there are still women who - as much as they love the time spent on maternity leave - want to get back into work to add some stability, money and ambition into their daily lives that goes alongside their motherhood. There is an eternal battle between "working mothers" and "stay at home mothers" about who works the hardest, but the point should be that we all support each other in our efforts with both our goals and our children. EVERY mother is a working mother, it's just that some stay at home to do it.

After maternity leave and spending time as a mother at home, you may well be chomping at the bit to get back into work. You could be figuring out how to start your own business, or you could be figuring out how you can continue your current role remotely. Either of these options has the added stress of working out cyber security solutions to keep data safe in the home, but either way you need to choose which way you want to do things. When you've spent so long at home with the kids and you're gearing up to get back to work, the nerves will set in. It happens to every mother and it's totally normal - if a little inconvenient! So, push the guilt to one side; remember that this is for you and while the children are only little once, they DO grow up and you want to know that you have something to do to keep you feeling alive as a person, too. These are all the reasons that you ever need to get yourself back to work and kill your goals!

  • A Break. Yep, believe it or not, so many mothers go back to work because they could really use the break. It's like a second skin, being a Mother. You're still a mother when you go to work, but you take off that hat and you concentrate on your job. The skills you learn as a parent become invaluable, and they will be transferable into your work, too. Working outside the home offers a breather, a break and a moment of peace from crying, screaming and spit up. You get to dress up and wear good shoes and no one is screaming at you or making demands without manners.

  • The Money. Whether you "need" it or not, you need to consider the money when you are working outside the home. The work you do as a mother comes with kisses, love and plenty of memories and smiles, but it doesn't pay the bills. You need to remember that while money doesn't make the world go around, it does pay the mortgage and it does mean that you can feel that you are financially solvent and stable. It's important to remember that you are an independent person in her own right - and the money can ease the pressure on the household budget, too.

  • The Appreciation. Yes, your children love and appreciate you, and you know that, but at home you carry a mental load beyond the lack of sleep and the physical parenting. You don't get thanked for that nearly as much as you should. When you start your own business or you go back to your work before you had the kids, you get that "thank you", the pat on the back you've been waiting for. You get to feel as if you are appreciated for your efforts rather than doing the things that are expected and not being recognised for it.

  • There's Adults! Ah, the biggest reason so many mothers go back to work: it's a lot less lonely. Don't get me wrong, being with the kids is fun and all, but it's not the same as interacting with other adults! You will be able to have friends and conversations with people who are closer to your age and less likely to throw food at you. Children aren't the best conversationalists, and they have a lot less of a sense of humour!

  • The Accomplishment. The feeling of accomplishment and achievement is enough to fill your cup sometimes! You get to contribute to the family at home, you get to achieve something in your chosen career, and you get to earn money and fill up your savings. It's a three-way win. When you're lonely at home, you're going to forget what it's like to feel like you have the big cheer when you achieve!

  • Self-Improvement. When you are working a job in your chosen career, you get the chance to develop yourself as a person. You can learn new things, expand your skill set and really work to be more responsible and push your career progression to the max. Taking the time to be that successful person you envisioned that you could be is part of achieving your goals! It's so important that you do these things for a healthy mind and it keeps you further away from postnatal depression.

  • Independence. You need more than motherhood to sustain you and your future. Yes, a mother who chooses to quit work can still lead a fulfilling life, though you will have a different level of fulfilment. You'll be able to continue to smash it as a parent while also being an independent, goal-oriented individual!

Going back to work is exciting, and you should consider that it could be the best decision that you make for you and for your family. Whichever way you go - owning a business or working remotely from home - you will smash your goals when you focus on them!