5 Tips To Attract Good Feng Shui In Your Garden


Creating a beautiful and balanced garden is one way to invite positive chi into your home. Having good Feng Shui starts with keeping your garden or backyard clean, landscaped, and a conducive environment for various plants to live in and your family to enjoy the outdoors. 

Using Feng Shui in your garden also helps spark joy, wellness, and perhaps a harmonious relationship between you and your family and neighbors. 

Here are five tips to attract good Feng Shui to your garden: 

Use The Five Elements 

The five elements -- water, earth, fire, wood, and metal -- are crucial to good Feng Shui practices. Create balance in your garden by adding items that represent each element well. Consider this example on how to use the five elements in your garden: 

Water - water features (ponds, fountains, or waterfalls) 

Earth - decorative rocks, stones, pebbles, and gravel 

Fire - red or orange plants, garden lighting 

Metal - outdoor seating, gates, watering cans 

Wood - garden benches, fences, plant boxes, woodshed, picnic tables 

But what if you have limited garden space? You may still follow the same Feng Shui principles in your vertical garden. For example, container fountains represent water and save space. Trellises, which could be made out of metal or wood, could hold small potted plants and vines. Several flame-colored flowers are perfect for outlining small patches of land or placed in a tiered planter. Residents of PHirst Park Homes Tanza may use these design ideas to maximize their mini garden areas. 

Let The Bagua Guide You 

It is also crucial to identify the spots in your garden where you can put the representatives of the five elements. Since Feng Shui is about balance, putting things out of order might just invite negative chi into your home. Avoid misfortunes by letting the Bagua guide you. 

Think of the Bagua as your map to inviting good Feng Shui. It has eight areas around the Yin and Yang circle: each area has a designated element and different aspects of life. You might want to consult a Feng Shui expert to optimize the Bagua for better Feng Shui in your household. Also, check this article on how to read and use the Bagua properly

Choose Natural Curves Over Straight Lines 

To invite a natural flow of positive chi and good luck into your garden, use natural curvature over crisp and straight edges. In nature, you’ll rarely see straight lines. Plus, straight edges are a no-no in Feng Shui as they may attract bad luck and negative energy. They also oppose balance and gentleness as they are harsher and sharper. 

Steer Clear Of Large Trees 

Trees provide shade and aesthetics to any garden. However, when they block your home’s entrance, it is bad Feng Shui since they disturb the flow of positive chi in your garden and home. If you have limited garden space, you might want to ditch the idea of planting a tree and go for smaller plants instead. Lucky bamboo is also another alternative as they are a Feng Shui staple. 

Keep Your Garden Clutter-free 

Maintain order in your garden as much as you can. Clutter means chaos and unrest, which is the enemy of good Feng Shui. Schedule when to prune your plants and trim your lawn. Use leaf blowers to collect dried leaves easier. If you have a tight working schedule, choose a manageable number of plants. You wouldn’t want overgrown plants and a messy lawn that will disrupt the flow of abundance, wellness, and harmony in your garden. 

Chinese New Year may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use Feng Shui to invite harmony, peace, health, and wealth in your garden. With these five tips, you can enjoy an outdoor space that lets you grow and glow.