Cardinal Santos Medical Center launches new hymn for Philippine Independence Day


Independence Day in the Philippines is, without a doubt, one of the most important events in our history. We as a nation went through many struggles and hardships before we gained the freedom that we deserved, and many brave individuals sacrificed their talents, skills, and even their lives to this cause. In the past, they were just ordinary people with a powerful dream to see our country and our people living a better life. Today, they are known as our country’s heroes. 

To celebrate 123 years since the declaration of Philippine Independence, Cardinal Santos Medical Center launched their new hymn entitled “Cardinal Santos, Kanlungan ng Buhay” on June 12, at 12:00 NN via Facebook. This hymn serves to commemorate the dutiful heroes of the past while honoring the new heroes of today, the frontliners and healthcare workers who selflessly serve the Filipino people, especially during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Prior to the official launch, CSMC also unveiled their new lobby, with inscriptions dedicated to its employees, and Rufino Cardinal Santos, the Philippines’ first Roman Catholic Cardinal, whom the hospital was renamed after. It was also during this unveiling that the new CSMC hymn was performed for the first time by the hospital’s internal choral group, the Singing Cardinals. 

Inspired by Rufino Cardinal Santos’ belief that the “health apostolate is an effective instrument in the movement for true and genuine development of people”, the hymn highlights CSMC’s commitment to being one of the leading private hospitals in the country in terms of the medical services they provide, as well as the quality of care they give to their patients. It shows the challenges the medical sector faces in trying to protect Filipinos from the virus, as well as heal those who are suffering from it, becoming modern-day heroes in their own right. 

Heroism comes in many ways, shapes and forms. Today’s pandemic gives the nation trials that, while different in cause from the trials our ancestors faced, still mirror how we strive towards the freedom of our people. The drive and passion of Filipinos back then to liberate the nation from the shackles that prevented us from living a life we freely want to live can still be seen today, in the frontliners and healthcare workers who are working tirelessly towards freeing the Filipino people from the pandemic so that we will be able to live again. 

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