How to Decorate for the Eclectic Bathroom



Use colors that are a complement to each other 

It goes without saying that having a good color palette is key for creating a vibrant bathroom and toilet. However, one shouldn’t just go willy-nilly with choosing everything in the rainbow. Restraint and control still play a big part in decorating the eclectic bathroom. Choosing colors from the same hues or color families can help narrow down what colors you would use. Limiting yourself to a palette of three or four colors can keep you focused while ensuring all the furniture and fixtures you choose to match with everything else once you put it all together. 

Don’t be afraid to mix and match textures 

Texture can be often overlooked when it comes to planning your design but make no mistake: textures play a big part in how your overall space feels. Don’t be afraid to be flexible when it comes to choosing the textures in your bathroom. Pair up your wooden cabinet with a metal-framed mirror, mix stone floors with a beautifully decorated tile sink – see which textures you gravitate towards the most, and try to find matching items that can complement your pieces. 

Play with the sizes 

Having objects in varying heights can really add a lot of visual interest to the eyes. Try installing shelves that are offset from each other, or cabinets that are all in different heights. Varying up the sizes goes not only with the furniture but with things like patterns and accessories as well. If you’re planning on using printed rugs or wallpaper in your bathroom, consider the size of the patterns and try to match them with any existing furniture and accessories you might like to have in your bathroom. 

Have fun 

At the end of the day, your bathroom is a reflection of your own personal sense of style. Don’t shy away from putting in random accessories that show off your own likes and tastes. So long as they make you happy, having your personality out in the open can make your bathroom more personal and unique.