Different ways to do your bank transactions conveniently


Technology should make doing things easier and hassle-free. In banking, BDO Unibank take notes of it's clients pain points and addresses them in order to provide the best services. They find ways so that the clients can perform bank transactions between its branches (BDO to BDO) with ease and at no extra cost. 

Here are the different ways to do your bank transactions conveniently:

Use BDO’s new mobile wallet BDO Pay, where clients can Send and Request Money, Scan to Pay, Pay Bills, and more. Clients can pay straight from their BDO accounts -- no cash-in, no hassle. 

Enroll and Access BDO Digital Banking. Funds can be transferred via Send Money to any BDO account anytime, anywhere. Clients may also enroll a third-party BDO account for regular fund transfer. Credit to account is on a real-time basis. 

For cash withdrawal, clients can use the more than 4,400 BDO ATMs nationwide. Withdrawing from any BDO ATM using BDO cards is free of charge. 

However, if a client chooses to perform select over-the-counter transactions (deposit, withdrawal, encashment, fund transfer) to a BDO branch other than his own, there is an applicable inter-branch or inter-regional transaction fee, as allowed by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and also being implemented by other banks. 

A transaction is deemed an inter-branch deposit if it is done within the area code or where local call charges apply. On the other hand, a transaction is considered an inter-regional deposit if it is done outside the area code or where long distance call charges already apply. 

BDO echoes the call of the BSP to bank clients to familiarize and understand the bank fees and charges as this is a key step to making the most of their accounts. “If you fail to understand the same, chances are that bank fees and charges are reducing your returns,” BSP stated in its published financial literacy manifesto. 

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