Quick eyebrow fixes for online or face-to-face meetings


Does wearing face masks put a damper on your makeup game? If you often skip wearing your favorite lipstick since they can’t be seen anyway, then let your eyes and eyebrows help you put a good impression during office meetings. 

Your eyebrows frame your eyes and face so make sure they’re on fleek when you go on online or face to face meetings. Spotlight, a local makeup brand that aims to empower Filipinas to transform their look, helps you enhance your brows with these hacks using its Megahit Eyebrow Pen (P295): 

Shape your brow with the map technique. Identify three key parts of your brows: the head, which is the part closest to the nose, the arch where the brow is naturally the highest, and the tail, which is the part nearest to the outer corner of the eye. You can use the Megahit Eyebrow Pen to map out these parts. To start, rest the pen vertically against your nose. Where it touches your brow is the head. Next, swivel the pencil outward just until the edge of your iris to find the highest point of your arch. Move the pencil further, stopping at the corner of the eye to mark the tail. Connect these parts with straight line just above your brows. 

Make them look natural with hair-like strokes. Now that you’ve marked your brows, fill the sparse spots with short, hair-like strokes to achieve more natural-looking brows. Don’t forget to blur out harsh lines with a spoolie. You can tidy up your brows even more by hiding imperfections with concealer. Here’s an added tip: keep your brows well-groomed so it’s easier to enhance with eyebrow makeup. 

So there – you now have well-shaped, natural-looking yet enhanced eyebrows! 

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