Flaunt more with these Mink and Lana bestsellers on Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Sale



Hey ladies! Let's get a bit intimate and serious. Most of us, yes including me!, got some insecurities with our skin and body. No matter how much effort we put in taking care of ourselves, there are still dark spots and blemishes that make us not confident.

The Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Sale makes it possible for you to flaunt more without spending more as Mink and Lana bring you their bestsellers at discounted price.

Mink #MeetMink Bundle - Intimate Care Set

Not everybody is blessed with a perfect, flawless skin. There are dark spots in the most intimate parts of your body that makes you uncomfortable. Wearing tight fitting jeans and undergarments can cause darkening of the inner thighs. And in case you don't know yet, there is such thing as butt acne.  The #MeetMink bundle has all the products you'll need to address skin discoloration and other concerns in your intimate areas. The bundle includes:

Bring Knee to Life (Knee & Elbow Serum) 

Calling your name to save you from dark elbows and knees is Bring Knee to Life! Its woke AF formula will give you the ultimate freedom to wear anything you want with oozing confidence. 

Peek-ini (Bikini Serum) 

Never apologize for showing off your cheeky side! Here to push you further is this powerful serum designed to even out any discoloration you’ve got down south! 

Happy Nippy (Nipple Serum) 

If nipples could smile, then this serum would be the reason why. Puff out that chest knowing that the power of pink is with you! 

Prettits (Boob Mask) 

Rock your rack with Prettits, our ultra powerful mask that gets rid of bumps and debris, leaving you with skin as soft as jello and just as fun to touch. 

I am Booty-ful (Butt Scrub) 

This fruity scrub will make your booty so cute it can dethrone the peach emoji as everybody’s favorite butt reference. Say goodbye to butt acne with I Am Bootyful!

Purchase the Mink #MeetMink Bundle - Intimate Care Set at 35% off here: https://shp.ee/j73pwix

You can also get the Peek-ini Inner Thigh Lightening Serum for P299 here: https://shp.ee/s779g3x

Lana Ultimate Skincare Bundle

Staying at home during the pandemic doesn't mean that we will forego our skincare regimen. Our skin needs the same amount of care and attention even if we don't go out. We are still exposed to pollutants and even the UV rays even if we are just at home.

Cleanse, moisturize, and protect your skin with Lana Ultimate Skincare Bundle. The set includes:
  • Lana PH Soothe & Hydrate Gentle Cleanser - 200ml
  • Lana PH DNA Repair Elixir - 20ml
  • Lana PH 100% Pure Argan Oil - 20ml
  • Lana PH Skin Protect Brightening Sunblock - 50ml
  • Lana PH Activated Charcoal Soap - 120g
  • Lana PH Brightening Soap - 120g
  • Lana PH Age Defying Soap - 120g
  • Lana PH Lash and Brow Growth Serum - 10ml
  • Lana PH Deep Hydrating Rice Toner - 150ml
Purchase the Lana Ultimate Skincare Bundle at 38% off here: https://shp.ee/4sg7caf

Lana Sensitive Skin Bundle

Do you have an acne prone skin? Enlarged pores? Skin redness? Here's a perfect skin care regimen set for you. The Lana Sensitive Skin Bundle consists of two products: The DNA Repair Elixir and the Lana PH Soothe and Hydrate Gentle Cleanser.

The DNA Repair Elixir helps heal acne, even out skin tone, minimize skin redness, and lightens pimple marks. It also deeply hydrates, brightens, and tightens your skin with a long-term firming effect. While the Lana PH Soothe and Hydrate Gentle Cleanser keeps skin dewy and fresh-looking with its moisturizing ingredients. It also helps heal and reduce itching, inflammation, enlarged pores, and weakened skin surface.

Purchase the Lana Sensitive Skin Bundle at 32% off here: https://shp.ee/q82zekx

Pampering and taking care of your skin is not vanity. You skin deserved to be cared for properly. It is important to keep our skin healthy to make us less susceptible to diseases and infections. You will not only look good, you will also feel good.