INAX introduces 3-in-1 Jet Bowl touch-free handwash solution


touch-free handwash solution

Essence, sophistication and thoughtfulness combine in this beautifully designed, fully integrated washbasin

INAX, the Japanese brand known worldwide as a pioneer of innovations, starting with Japan’s first advanced toilet and self-powered automatic faucet, unveils yet another masterpiece with the INAX 3-in-1 Jet Bowl. 

The brand, which originated in 1924 when Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the greatest American architects during that time, teamed up highly skilled Japanese artisans Hatsunojo Ina and his son Chozaburo, once again harnesses its innovative spirit as it takes a closer look at the ritual of hand washing in public spaces. 

Since the onslaught of the pandemic, hygiene is of prime importance. Regular hand washing is considered our first line of defense, but doing so in public places while minimizing contact with surfaces is a challenge as it involves multiple essential steps – from turning on the faucet, and pressing the soap dispenser to activating the hand dryer. 

The INAX 3-in-1 Jet Bowl is a thoughtfully designed washbasin that integrates all these necessary steps to make hand washing a truly hygienic, efficient and enjoyable experience. 

Intuitive design for comfort. Thoughtfully designed for an intuitive and hygienic handwashing experience, the INAX Jet Bowl is a fully integrated unit that combines a soap dispenser, hand-washing function, and hand dryer in a single bowl. The sequential layout ensures fast, convenient and efficient handwashing, while its deep bowl offers comfort as it effectively prevents water from splashing during handwashing. 

This intuitive layout is perfectly suitable for high-traffic places where high standards of hygiene are of utmost importance, such as public dining areas, shopping malls, health clinics, and educational establishments. 

Maximizing Space. A harmonious combination of design and ergonomics, the INAX 3-in-1 Jet Bowl intelligently utilizes the space by having the basin, dryer anddispenser integrated in one area. No need to separate soap bottle,a hand dryer or tissue dispenser – the washbasin has everything built-in. The unit also includes a shelf just above the washbasin, allowing more room for small items and belongings. 

Easy maintenance. The soap dispenser has a large capacity of 4 liters, hence reducing the need for constant refills. Cleaning is minimized to a single area and takes less time since there will be fewer instances of mopping of floors or countertops. 

The INAX 3-in-1 Jet Bowl is another masterpiece that embodies the brand’s design principle, combining functional simplicity, intelligent design with deep understanding of the needs of its users. 

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