Style Guide: 10 Ways to Design a Luxurious Bathroom


Luxurious Bathroom Design

Bathrooms may serve basic purposes, but that does not mean it should look drab. 

With the right design and fixtures, you can turn your dull-looking bathroom into a luxurious, hotel-like space. You can take inspiration from high-end hotels and incorporate luxury fixtures in your bathroom. 

Nonetheless, you should consider the materials and finished that you will use. In this guide, we will share with you ten things you can do to give your bathroom a high-end look: 

Install a Rain Showerhead 

Nowadays, you can see rainfall showerheads in hotel bathrooms. That's because they look good, and there is something about the showerhead that makes the space elegant. 

Moreover, a rainfall showerhead produces a relaxing water stream for a complete shower experience. 

Rain showerheads have bigger spun than regular showerheads. Therefore, it has a bigger coverage, and you will not need to adjust your position when showering. 

Put Large Light Fixtures 

A luxurious light fixture can make any of the bathroom space look lovely. 

One of the best tricks is to use large-scale light fixtures. That's because a luxurious bathroom design is not complete without large light fixtures. And doing so can make a massive impact on how the bathroom ceiling looks. 

Make it Spacious 

Regardless of its design, a spacious bathroom will always be inevitably luxurious. It gives a minimalist illusion, and it is easier to clean. 

An easy way of making your bathroom look spacious is to use light colors. Choose an expensive-looking tile to give your bathroom a relaxed and spa-like look. 

Add Plants 

Adding plants inside your bathroom might be the last thing in your mind. But some plants can live and grow inside the bathroom. 

It also serves as an elegant decoration because it can give your private space a pop of color. Plus, some plants are known to purify indoor air. 

Some examples are Orchids, Bamboo, Bromeliads, and Aloe vera. 

Install Luxurious Items 

Luxurious bathroom items can help you unwind and relieve your stress while in the bathroom. 

You can even incorporate high-end, luxury materials and finishes with your lighting and interior design. Thus, making your bathroom comfortable and enticing. 

Luxurious Bathroom Design

Keep in mind that the finishes and textures play an essential role in the bathroom's overall design. So, invest in high-quality cabinets, drawers, faucets, etc. create a luxurious-like ambiance. 

Use Classy Containers 

When updating your bathroom's look, it would be ideal if your bathroom accessories have a uniform look. 

Think matching toothbrush holder and soap dispenser. Another example is matching bottles for your shampoo, conditioner, and liquid bath soap. 

Imagine how everything inside your bathroom would appear fancy because everything looks streamlined. 

Use Contrasting Texture 

This might be one of the hardest decisions to make when designing a bathroom. That's because there are many textures and colors to choose from. 

Luxurious Bathroom Design

The key here is to pick your desired color palette first and then find items of various textures that can help you incorporate the hues. 

For instance, you are using a black-and-white color palette. You can opt for a black bathroom rug so that it can contrast with the white bathroom tiles. 

Spruce Up Your Towels 

Towels are one of the bathroom must-haves. Aside from helping you dry yourself, a bathroom towel can also make the surrounding look aesthetic. 

Therefore, you must choose the right towel that's rich in design, like ribbon trim, fabric, and embroidered edges. You can also use Turkish towels, which are known to be light and quick to dry. 

Put a Sunken Tub 

A sunken tub is unique in a way that defies the traditional look of your standard bathtubs. 

Surprisingly, sunken tubs are more affordable than the standard bathtubs. Yet, they are considered luxurious. 

With the right environment, the sunken tub shows its desired effect in the bathroom. They are also popular with interior designers because they can easily blend in with your interiors. 

Add Gold and Metal Accents 

According to Janet Ramin, who teaches interior design at the New York Institute of Arts and Design, brass is a staple d├ęcor from the 1970s and '80s. Nonetheless, it is making a big comeback in the 21st century. 

For one, it adds a calm yet luxurious look to any gold-toned metal in your bathroom. It is just a matter of using the right shade. 

As San Francisco-based designer Cecile Starin points out, gold and metal accents can make a space look too bright or outdated. For instance, gold accents used to have green undertones that can make an item look outdated nowadays. 

But if the fixtures are brushed in sleek gold, it may look warmer and fresh. Instead of your standard polished chrome bathroom faucet, consider installing one made of rose gold. 

Having a luxurious bathroom design can increase your house's market value and give off a welcoming vibe. From large light fixtures to show-stopping bathtubs, we hope you learn a thing or two on how to design a luxurious bathroom.