How to deep clean your toilet the right way


Cleaning the toilet may be an intimidating task for some people. But once you learn how to effectively clean your toilet, it can take you less than a few minutes every time. Which is good news since it’s recommended to clean your toilet at least two to three times a week depending on how much use it gets. If you clean your toilet regularly, there’s less chance for hard stains to build up. 

Get your supplies ready 

It’s best to have all the supplies you will need stored properly and at arms reach. 

1. Toilet bowl cleaner 
2. Stiff-bristled toilet scrubbing brush 
3. Rubber cleaning gloves 
4. Disinfectant spray 
5. All-purpose household cleaner 
6. Pumice scouring stick (a scouring pad will work in a pinch, but it won’t be as effective) 

Clean the bowl 

Apply your toilet bowl cleaner and let it soak in for at least five minutes. Draining off most of the water in your toilet will make it easier for the cleaning agent to penetrate your bowl. Remember to apply underneath the rim of your toilet as well. 

Disinfect the exterior 

While you’re letting your cleaners soak, tackle your toilet’s exteriors. Use a disinfectant spray or some all-purpose cleaning detergents to clean any stains off of the outside surfaces. Make sure to clean behind the tank and underneath the toilet seat too. These are prime suspects for bacteria to hide and thrive in. 

Scrub the insides 

Scrub away stains using a stiff-bristled toilet brush. Make sure to reach underneath the rim as well as the sides. For any persistent marks, grab a pumice stone to scour away all the stubborn grime and mildew. If your toilet has any special coatings like with Kohler’s ModernLife toilets, check with the manufacturer for any special cleaning instructions. 

Kohler ModernLife toilet

Rinse away the dirt 

Turn the toilet’s water back and flush away all the leftover cleaning agents. Rinse out any remaining cleaners from the exterior as well. 

Finishing up 

Remember to clean your supplies as well at the end of a good cleaning session. Disinfect your toilet brush by pouring bleach or detergent over the bristles and letting them sit before rinsing. Let it air dry for a few minutes before returning the brush into its container. This is to ensure that bacteria don’t grow in your damp brushes. The same goes for gloves: clean them with soap and warm water before hanging them up to dry completely and storing. 

Cleaning your toilet still too much work for you? Some toilets manage to clean themselves automatically, like these nifty Intelligent Toilets from Kohler.