Withdrawing cash now possible at 1,000 7-Eleven stores


Withdrawing cash is now more convenient than ever as 7-Eleven has expanded its ATM network to a total of 1,000 stores in Metro Manila, Cavite, and Laguna. The presence of these additional ATMs allows more people to access their cash safely, conveniently, 24/7. Customers need not line up at overcrowded bank and mall ATMs, especially with the release of 13th-month pay and year-end bonuses this holiday season. 

“Installing ATMs in more stores is one of the key pillars of our Convenience Plus strategy. Convenience Plus has been our approach to meeting more customer needs since the start of this pandemic. Our stores now offer not only a wider assortment of merchandise, but we are also leveraging our store network to offer bills payments, e-wallet cash-ins, and other financial services to serve our communities better,” said Mr. Jose Victor Paterno, President and CEO, Philippine Seven Corporation (PSC). 

By the end of this year, PSC, in partnership with Pito AxM Platform, Inc. (PAPI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Seven Bank Ltd. of Japan, shall have its ATMs activated in 1,200 7-Eleven stores in NCR and major markets in Luzon. By the end of 2022, the cash-recycler ATMs will be available in the cities of Cebu, CDO and Davao allowing the alliance of the two companies to increase its presence in the underserved segments of the market. 

“The ATMs provide an innovative solution to the cash management requirements of our 7-Eleven stores. The sales are deposited by our store operators and the ATMs “recycle” the cash to fund withdrawals of the customers of the different banks. This also creates a lot of value to the individual bank account owners because of the convenience of having ATMs available 24/7 in a safe and secured location,” said Mr. Lawrence De Leon, PSC Head of Finance. 

Mr. Tsuneo Nagashima, Chairman of PAPI stated “We are very grateful to PSC and our many other partners for their support in reaching this milestone of 1,000 ATMs installed. Yet this is just the beginning. We look forward to delivering the safety and convenience of our ATM service in many more 7-Eleven stores as we grow the install base.” 

Mr. Masanori Sakaguchi, President of PAPI mentioned “The more we install ATMs, the higher the expectations of our customers grow. We are committed to working hard every single day together with our partners including PSC to continuously improve our ATM services for better customer experiences. Together we can.” 

For more information on where to find the ATMs, visit https://www.7-eleven.com.ph/whatsnew/atms-in-7eleven-list-of-stores/.