What happens when you dedicate your whole life to wellness?


Most of us are too busy rushing around chasing after things to really pay much attention to our wellness. Our state of mind and physical health are secondary considerations compared to acquiring money, paying the bills, and progressing in our careers. 

But, as gurus like to point out, work is fleeting. It doesn’t last forever. In one hundred years, it will be almost impossible to detect the role that you played.

What matters most is the present – how you feel in the here and now. This concept is right at the core of the modern wellness movement. It’s all about enjoying your moment to moment experience, not striving to attain some far off goal in the future. 

However, when we neglect the body and mind, we lose touch with the essence of health and wellness. The days become a struggle and we move from a state of creativity to one of survival. (And that doesn’t feel good). 

Very few people take significant time out of their lives to commit to wellness, but some do. And when they do, they notice some incredible effects. Here’s what happens. 

You Stomach Starts Working Better

Your stomach is a barometer of your overall state of health. When it’s happy, you’re happy. 

Some people have cast iron stomachs that nothing affects – and that’s great. But most people experience problems in their guts first. That’s because the gut is actually a nerve-filled organ. It has the second highest number of nerve endings in the body, after the brain, meaning that it has kind of a mind of its own. If something is wrong in your environment, the gut will feel it.

When you improve your diet and relax your mind, the gut also relaxes. It slips naturally into its primordial rhythm, digesting food and producing healthy waste. Over time, you’ll notice that it fades from your attention. It is no more an object of concern than your kidneys or your pancreas. 

Your Senses Become More Alive

When life is hard, your senses feel dulled. Many people have to take coffee (and sometimes other substances) just to feel alive. 

However, when you follow a wellness program, you notice that your senses begin to bounce back. Things start feeling more real in a sense, and you become more perceptive. 

As you learn more about hearing loss, you soon discover that it is a lifestyle-related condition. Therefore, adopting wellness as the central strategy of your life could effectively put it off into the future, delaying its onset. 

You Access Inner Bliss

Can you imagine feeling good the majority of the time without any nagging thoughts bringing you down? If you’re living a typical western lifestyle, it’s almost impossible to contemplate. There are so many worries. However, when you commit to wellness, you discover that you’re able to become much more peaceful and joyful than you thought possible. You learn that far from being unusual, these states are actually the default human condition. Practicing meditation daily is the best way to achieve this kind of wellbeing.