On achieving work-life balance: Here are easy-to-do ideas to maximize space for a healthier professional and personal life


These days, the term "work-life balance" has become more aspirational, with more people spending time at home—not necessarily to live, but to work. 

"With the increasing shift to the work-from-home setup, many professionals now realize that balancing family responsibilities and work duties in the same place is not easy. We at RLC Residences deeply understand this, which is why we strive to continue shaping spaces that help Filipinos raise, live, and connect in all areas of their lives," said RLC Residences Marketing Head Karen Cesario. 

RLC Residences, an expert in developing spaces, shares tips on how people can make the most out of their home and immediate community to achieve the work-life balance they deserve. 

Take a regular walk around the vicinity 

Tied to a desk for at least eight hours at home can be mentally and emotionally draining. Having a 'walk-break' and stepping away from personal and professional responsibilities for a short while can be refreshing. It can be easily done within the vicinity of your home or nearby gardens and parks. 

An example of ideal 'walk-break' areas are the Flower Garden, Garden Walk, and Outdoor Area at The Radiance Manila Bay in Pasay. It's also a great place to breathe in some fresh air so one can go back to work and family duties with a fresh eye and a rejuvenated spirit. 

Curate an ambiance to connect with family and friends 

All work and no play is no way to achieve a work-life balance. Quality time with loved ones is a must and it can be more exciting when done in a thoughtful ambiance. 

The Magnolia Residences playground

Family time with the kids in a blanket-made bahay-bahayan (house pretend play), for example, can be a memorable experience. However, if time does not permit setting up a play area, going to the nearest playground is always a treat. The Magnolia Residences in Quezon City, for example, conveniently offers a children's playroom, an outdoor playground, and a Tree House.

On the other hand, inviting workmates over for a cozy homemade dinner can lead to stronger bonds and synergy at work. However, for safer get-togethers, it may be best to host it alfresco. Some properties like The Magnolia Residences have barbecue pits and gazebos perfect for casual dates with work BFFs. 

Have a space for hobbies and interests 

A hobby is an awesome avenue to explore creativity without the pressure. It's also a way to gain a different perspective that can be applied in all areas of life. The challenge, however, is sneaking it into one's already busy schedule. A helpful trick would be to have a visual reminder such as placing books-to-read or paintbrushes on the corner of the desk. Even better, have a dedicated space for hobbies for a more uninterrupted "me time." 

Pursuing a hobby presents a multitude of benefits. Fortunately, its importance is getting more recognition so much so that The Trion Towers in BGC allocated a Hobbyists' Nook for homeowners who are into handicrafts; a Gaming Room for individuals who are into video games; as well as a Knowledge Room, a space perfect for catching up on the latest bestsellers.

"Taking a different perspective on what a space can offer is a gateway to achieving life goals. Moreover, living in properties specially designed with a modern lifestyle in mind can truly be a powerful key to a successful career and a thriving family life," said Cesario. 

Built in a strategic location and with amenities to support work-life balance, RLC Residences' The Radiance Manila Bay, The Magnolia Residences, and The Trion Towers can be the perfect home for young professionals and start-up families. Living life to the fullest in these premium residences can start today as the properties are ready-for-occupancy (RFO). A 10% discount on RFO units in The Magnolia Residences and The Trion Towers is up for grabs, while The Radiance Manila Bay offers up to 30% on select units. Terms and conditions apply. 

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