Greenhills Mall: The crown jewel of Ortigas Malls then, today, and the future


Greenhills Mall

What makes a person come back to a mall? Is it the proximity? Its dining spots? Is it the stores they can shop at? Whatever takes them to the mall, now more than ever, people develop a deep connection to a place that offers beyond what’s functional.

As people slowly go back to their old routines, they can’t help but flock to malls to once again experience the activities they missed the most. This is why Greenhills Mall, Ortigas Malls’ crown jewel of the entire Greenhills complex, continues to create a safe and engaging space where people can reconnect with their loved ones, lifestyles, and passions.

Serving as a home for new and different experiences, Greenhills Mall launched the Passion Hub. It’s a series filled with exciting workshops and events, gathering lovers of sports, arts & crafts, self-development, and more, in a space where they can create and mingle with like-minded peers. This bi-monthly initiative started this year and will run until December in Greenhills as well as other Ortigas Malls including Tiendesitas and Estancia.

One thing that also drives people back to a certain place is its atmosphere which fosters a great sense of community. This is why Greenhills creates a conscious effort to keep the charm of the San Juan neighborhood alive: warm, welcoming, and open.

With this, the mall recently dedicated a portion of its iconic Connecticut Arcade roof deck to give more space for shared experiences. Called the Greenhills Skyline, this new spot will allow people to relax in coffee shops, al fresco lounges, and sunset mobile bars, in the company of their loved ones. Watch out for this new hangout destination this April.

Greenhills is also known for its wide array of stores that cater to all kinds of interests — from fashion pieces, to toys, to knick-knacks. One of its most popular haunts is the Pearl section where customers can shop from a variety of elegant saltwater and freshwater pearl jewelry. 

For people who love to collect toys, Greenhills is also home to the finest selection of authentic collectibles. The toy collectibles are found at competitive prices perfect for hobbyists who love to relive their childhood memories. The malls’ own Toy Club has been recently launched led by female ambassadors in time for Women’s Month.

More food and lifestyle brands have joined to boost the vibes of the Greenhills community. These include Sweet Ecstasy, Koomi, Oh My Greek (OMG), Zig, Romantic Baboy, Peri Peri and Break (Vegan Restaurant). Other stores that opened were Beauty Studio, Nailandia, Electric Cyclery, and toy haven EZ Toys Collectibles.

What’s more, Ortigas Malls’ Greenhills redevelopment is well underway. The first phase is expected to open by 2023 and will be designed as a next-generation mall, with more space, accommodation for merchants, and flagship stores.

All these mall facilities are housed in a carefully master-planned development that has continuously been an incubator for Filipino MSMEs. The presence of homegrown brands further proves that Greenhills will carry on to be the ultimate shopping destination with the widest selection of shopping and dining experiences then, now, and the future. 

So, join in the fun and enjoy every day in a place that gives you all the reasons to come back. Learn more and be updated with the latest offerings and experiences at Greenhills Mall by visiting and its Facebook page at