Human-centered, tech-driven strategy define FWD’s future of work


FWD Life Insurance

FWD Life Insurance is equipping its employees with an app built in-house complemented by a new human-centered office design in its head office in BGC, Taguig. This is the latest FWD Anywhere initiative, which embraces different styles of working and is aligned with FWD’s global Group Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy of harnessing value in its people’s talents. 

“Our people are what make us a vibrant and dynamic workplace. The pandemic gave us an opportunity to further our efforts on celebrating their unique strengths and explore innovative solutions to create an environment where everyone can do their best work while boosting their health and wellbeing,” says FWD Life Insurance President and CEO Li Hao Zhuang. 

Workspace Plus

FWD’s exclusive work management app called Workspace+ was the result of an evaluation of the employees’ needs as the world moves toward the next normal. The Insurer’s hybrid work arrangement is the future of work that offers its employees greater flexibility.

FWD employees have the choice to work from the office 50% of the time, and they are given the freedom to work from anywhere for the remaining half. Employees use the app to agree with their managers and teams in advance of their work schedule, reserve work desks and parking spaces at the office building. They confirm their reservation simply by scanning the QR code in the app to check in – all to provide a positive experience in the tech-enabled hybrid work setup. 

Vita Marie Guillen, FWD’s Chief People and Culture Officer, says that FWD’s key priority is the wellbeing of its employees. “We care about our employees’ overall health. It’s part of our DNA and it defines how we work. By giving them these tools, we enable them to efficiently plan their schedule in the office, balance quality time at home, and afford them the opportunity of sustainable behavioral change,” Vita affirms.

FWD has been implementing a “work from anywhere” policy since 2018. Initially designed to help ease employees’ daily traffic and commuting woes when the pandemic lockdowns and quarantine protocols were implemented by the government, all FWD needed to do was enhance its hybrid work plan and fully enforce it into the future of work.

Human-centered workplace

FWD refurbished its BGC head office in a way that enhances employee experience, focusing on building a collaborative, supportive and respectful environment, and giving priority to employees’ physical, mental and social wellbeing. 

They are given the best seats right by the floor-to-ceiling windows and corner spots where natural light streams and a spectacular view of the bustling city can be seen. 

The new office is generous with space to promote social distancing, at the same time encouraging employees to move around freely and be physically active, including the option of standing work desks. The pantry is big enough to double as a huddle area. Collaborative areas are conducive not just for brainstorming sessions but socializing as well. 

Creativity and innovation pervade the atmosphere. The state-of-the art media studio is designed to allow FWD creators to produce valuable, quality content for its customers. The orange brand color dominates the entire office to fuel passion, vibrance and dynamism among the employees. Greenery and trellises in the Innovation area add to the inspiring work atmosphere. Meeting rooms have been assigned names after popular Filipino festivals such as ‘Ati-atihan’, ‘Sinulog’ and ‘Dinagyang’ not only to promote local culture but to also reaffirm the company’s tagline: Celebrate living.

“We intend to celebrate diversity and innovation in the way we work toward the next normal with a motivated workforce who will continue changing the way people feel about insurance,” concludes Li Hao.

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