LUMOS RAY Projector Review: How this smart projector fulfilled my home cinema dream


Lumos Ray Smart Projector Roselle Writes

I've been tossing my furniture around ever since we moved into our townhouse 8 years ago. This was some sort of downsizing from our previous house and I have to always find the perfect home edit. I'm trying to maximize the limited floor area by having a zone for everything. The pandemic has forced me to  have a dedicated room for the home office.  Thus, my dream of having a home cinema room was almost written off from my "must-haves".  I love watching movies but I don't enjoy much being in the cinema with other people. Watching movie for me is like reading a book. Intimate. Best shared with the people I want to be with. So I was really hopeful of fulfilling the home cinema dream. 

I'm not fond of decors so my walls are mostly bare. In an attempt to still have a cinema feel at home, I have bought a couple of projectors but I was never satisfied with the experience. I must admit that my previous projectors were the inexpensive, unbranded you'd find online. Quoting my dad, "You get what you pay for!"

Lumos Ray Smart Projector Roselle Writes

When the LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Projector Smart version was delivered last week, I was amazed at how small it is. The cube measures a little over 6 inches. Considering that my home cinema will be anywhere around the house, the portability is important. Compared with the regular projectors, LUMOS RAY is easy to carry around. It only weighs 2.2 lbs. Here's my review.

Lumos Ray Smart Projector Roselle Writes

The minimalist look makes it undemanding to incorporate in my home design.  The projector can be mounted on the tripod and for me it's the best way to set this up instead of just placing it on the table. 

With a dimension of 6.45" x 6.3" x 6.77" and unit net weight of 1.2 kilogram, this cube is revolutionary. Perfect for homes with limited space, LUMOS RAY is a short throw projector. It can be used in small spaces and still produce a good image quality. It has 3000 lumens and 720p native resolution. A projection distance of 3.8 ft. - 18 ft. will give you a projection screen of 37" to 170". 

I appreciate the focus/keystone ring that I can use to manually adjust the image output. I am awed by the picture quality even if the room is not pitch-black. 

When it comes to device connectivity, The LUMOS RAY has ports for HDMI, AV, HD, USB, MicroSD card slot, and headphone jack. The unit comes with AV cable and HDMI cable so you need not spend on these. 

The built-in Dolby Audio speakers delivers clear, crisp sound making the viewing experience more enjoyable.  You can also use this as a bluetooth speaker. You can use it with music app like Spotify.

The LUMOS RAY smart version is WiFi-enabled and has an Android operating system. Netflix and YouTube are already pre-loaded. You can download additional apps via the Google Playstore. 

I'm sharing with you a video from YouTube so you could experience the performance. Notice the crisp sound and the vibrant image. BTW, you can also connect this to external speakers if you want an extraordinary audio. 

If you love to binge-watch on Netflix like me, you'd be delighted to watch your favorite series on bigger screen. Instead of buying an expensive 55" smart tv, you'll spend a fraction of that amount with LUMOS RAY.  And if you love the outdoors and glamping, you can pre-download the movie you like.  Please note that you need a power source to use this.  

I'm not a techie person and I'm glad that LUMOS RAY is very easy to operate. The remote control is simple and just like the TV remote control, I find it a bit challenging to type when searching. You could use an Android keyboard remote instead. 

On the whole, the LUMOS RAY Projector smart version is the best home cinema product to invest in. Perfect for condo-dwellers and home with small rooms, this projector will not require a big space and is easy to store when not in use. You too can fulfill your home cinema dream just as I did. 

The LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Projector Smart version is the most popular and is priced at P11.999. It's the best and cheaper smart tv alternative. The LUMOS RAY regular is priced at P8.999. It does not support WiFi and bluetooth and requires external inputs like laptop or USB.

The Filipinos in Singapore and Malaysia love LUMOS RAY.  It's now available for purchase in the Philippines. Visit to know more about the product.