Tips on sanitary way to change your baby's diaper


The idea of changing a baby's diaper is something I thought I could never do. It could get really messy especially if the baby is being uncooperative. Changing the diaper as fast and as clean as possible is a challenge especially for first time parents. Here are some tips on sanitary way to change your baby's diaper.

Have a designated place to change diaper

Find a place where you and your baby are most comfortable. It is also important to do the diaper change in the same spot every time because the baby is already familiar with the designated place and will make him less anxious. Use a diaper pad cover whether you are using a changing table, doing it on the bed, or the floor.

Prepare everything you need

The diaper and the baby wipe must be within your reach especially if you do not have anyone who will assist you during diaper change. Wipe the baby carefully to ensure that you are not spreading germs. Babies have the tendency to urinate during diaper change. With a baby boy, you can put a baby wipe to avoid him spraying you with urine. 

Stock up on diaper and wipes to stay worry-free because your baby deserves the best protection. Use  Pampers Baby Dry Taped Diapers New Born 20s + Baby Wipes with Aloe 72sPampers Baby Dry Taped Diapers New Born is made of cottony, breathable materials that allow air to circulate to keep baby dry and protected from rashes. Baby Wipes with Aloe is as mild as washcloth and water. It is  20% thicker to help clean delicate skin gently. It is also dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic.

Dispose of diaper properly

Have a dedicated bin for the baby's diapers. Roll up the used diaper the avoid the spread of germs. Make sure that the bin has cover to contain the smell.

Wash your hands and sanitize

You can use a hand sanitizer first if you can't go right away to the sink to wash your hand with soap and water. Clean and sanitize the changing area after using. 

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