Make your home feel like home with IKEA


Home is the most important place in the world. At present times, people stayed in their main home during lockdown or restrictive measures. During this pandemic life, many people especially working people and students have grown closer to their homes - working from home, online classes, webinar and zoom meetings and conferences.

For feeling safe and comfortable, home has proved to be the haven people need.

It has always been the mission of IKEA to improve life at home for the many Filipinos. And by offering beautiful, functional, and affordable design, as well as home furnishing expertise, IKEA aims to help the many people with their challenges at home

IKEA also believes how important it is to  #MakeSleepCount. Because we  a good night's sleep brings out the best in you.

It’s prime time to make home feel like home – because nothing beats that feeling.

As the dreamy days of the year start to draw in, you feel inspired to look ahead: shifting your focus from outdoor living to retreating inside. While you’re not ready for a seasonal overhaul just yet, you’re excited to elevate your home with small updates that have a big impact.

IKEA now highlighting the new products that fall under ‘A fun, fresh style’ and ‘A nostalgic feel’.Traditionalists will love our nostalgic, wild-floral bed linen, while the playful at heart will want to take home designer Hannah Wilcox’s graphic animal prints. It’s all here and so much more – ready to make your own.

A fun, fresh style

This youthful expression highlights simple and graphic forms to create a contemporary look that celebrates attention to detail. Expect bold monochrome patterns mixed with splashes of red for a playful touch, contrasted by soft, sandy beiges and light woods to add warmth. It’s functional and innovative, with a distinctly modern attitude.

Express yourself

The epitome of modern style, this solution introduces the art of self-expression in the bedroom. It’s the ultimate personal space – so let’s celebrate that by making it your own unique pocket of the world with fresh and fun ideas.

Designer Hannah Wilcox’s graphic prints are a great place to start. You might find love at the end of a non-conventional rainbow with the TAPETMAL pillowcase, or get to know some furry friends with the new PURPURBRÄCKA bed linen. Add a lucky burst of red with some bold, block-colour cushions and your room will instantly feel like a joyful place to be.

The TAPETMAL pillowcase is proof that you don’t always have to stay between the lines. A black and white rainbow that knows no bounds? We’ll take it.

Meet the designer: Hannah Wilcox

London-based designer Hannah Wilcox draws her inspiration from nature or visiting museums and art galleries. 

“I see patterns everywhere,” she says. “I could be in a town or the countryside, but I’m always taking pictures and seeking out new colours and shapes.”

For her latest set of prints, she was influenced by a little tabby cat who kept coming to her door while she was living in Dublin during lockdown. 

“One day he ran through my legs and up to the bedroom – he was everywhere, so I decided to paint him.”

“I then started seeing birds as Dublin has so many seagulls, and I loved the idea that these weren’t glamorous animals, but locals that were part of the neighbourhood. 

The prints developed by having the concrete elements of the city, like organic spots on the roadside, mixed with the playfulness of the animals.

"They’re simple, fun and organic.”

“I hope this collection appeals to everyone,” she continues. “I think that purchasing something fun and quirky for the house is a great way to cheer everyone up; and given its simplicity and the use of one colour, people can also make it their own.”

“My favourite print from this collection is the Irish cat. He will always be in my heart now, I’ll never forget him.” — Hannah Wilcox, designer

Outfit your home for the new season

Just like your personal fashion wardrobe, a few small yet contemporary updates to your home can make all the difference for the season ahead. It’s not about transforming your entire look, but being smart and savvy with what you already have.

Instead of replacing your beloved foundation pieces, like KLIPPAN and POÄNG, give them a new lease of life by refreshing them with modern accessories. Perhaps it’s a statement cushion like TALLSPINNARE (courtesy of print designer Hannah Wilcox) or a graphic seat cover, the key is making effortless updates that feel endlessly inspiring.

Naturally calm, naturally made

This modern solution invites you to retreat inwards; to call in the calming effects of the outside world with dreamy bedroom textiles and wall decor made from natural fibres.

Why not weave in artisanal touches with MOLNSKOG, made with sustainable palm leaves? Alternatively, dive under the soft covers of KLYNNETÅG or look to the printed ODDNY cushion – both designed by Hannah Wilcox – for extra zest.

When your bedroom feels this serene, don’t be surprised if the snooze button becomes your best friend.

How to put the fun in home furnishings

Check it out. This Tic Tac Toe-inspired print brings endless opportunity to have fun – you just have to spot your moment, or board in this case. Ready to play? LYCKSELE and SPIKKLUBBA are.

Choose between different variations of the same design, mixing and matching different grid sizes to build a graphic look that inspires your creativity. Throw in some bold red furniture or statement wall art for a guaranteed win. The rules are, there are no rules.

A nostalgic feel

With traditional Gustavian influences, this look calls to mind the nostalgic, calming ambience of Scandinavian cottages. Expect a harmonious combination of dreamy pastels and soft tactile textures, decorated with romantic patterns including wild florals, stripes, and abstract dots.

Think rustic charm meets artisanal craftsmanship.

Layer like a pro

Got a thing for traditional florals? So do we. This season, celebrate the power of print by mixing and matching different blooms and textures to create a look that’s uniquely yours.

Why not start with the new NÄSSELKLOCKA bed linen, then build intrigue with a clashing pattern like the VERSTERVIG rug. The colour palette is still the same but the layered effect keeps it fresh. Dial it up, dial it down – the choice is yours, and that’s the beauty of it.

“Colors tie everything together, whether you’re mixing smaller prints with bigger ones or playing with the same patterns on different backgrounds. The aim is to create softness and have some fun!” 
— Joseph Abbott, Interior designer

Coziness in full bloom

Stop for a moment and daydream: you’re transported to a sunkissed field in the countryside, surrounded by wild flowers without a care in the world. What if you could create that nostalgic feeling at home?

This solution is designed to do exactly that. It evokes a cosy, rustic mood with traditional patterns and materials that tie together beautifully with a soft pastel palette. Highlights include the new TIMJANSMOTT floral-print duvet and the OLDERDALEN bedside table. Ready to relax? We thought so.

Elevate any space with the new OLDERLADEN bedside table. This elegant piece of craftsmanship stands out for its sophistication, while blending in beautifully thanks to its calming – and versatile grey-green hue.

Opposites attract

One bed for two? No problem. You can still express your unique style and personality, even if it’s dramatically different to whoever you’re sharing it with. From early risers to night owls, traditionalists to trend-seekers – there’s something for everyone to ensure a perfect night’s sleep in a space that feels truly yours.

Perhaps you’re into stripes, like the LAPPDUNÖRT pillowcase, while your partner prefers soothing florals (hint: they’ll love the SOMMARSLÖJA duvet). Maybe you enjoy relaxing by candlelight, but they get more satisfaction from dimming a lamp. No one way is better than the other, it’s all about cosy compromises that celebrate the best of both.


Enjoy pleasant sleep with the ergonomic KLUBBSPORRE pillow. It has cushioning memory foam on one side and a gel layer on the other, relieving pressure and tension in your neck and shoulders while keeping the surface cool.

Ergonomic pillow, multi-position. Memory foam and cooling gel layer. Support for all shapes and sizes

It’s a wonderful feeling to wake up well rested and truly refreshed, With personalized support from a mattress that follows your movements and molds to the contours of your body, you get a good base for great sleep and better health..

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