Family time matters. This McDeliverback video makes me love McDonald's even more!



Most of us were able to spend time a lot of time with our family during the lockdown. We were able to have breakfast together while enjoying the Sausage McMuffin, hashbrown, pancakes, and brewed coffee. During weekends, we binge-watch on our favorites television series and snack on the family favorite BFF Fries and McFloat. No matter what time our cravings hit us, there's a food delivery rider working hard to bring our food to us.

McDonald's McDeliverback video gave me a peek into the lives of Jessie, Nelia, and Rey. The Filipinos are very family-oriented. But sometimes we have to make some sacrifices in order to give our loved ones a better life. Jessie lives with his grandmother and his schedule is graveyard shift so he usually sleep all day and barely has time to spend with his grandmother. I'm a lola's girl and I know how much our grandparents yearn to have someone to talk and share stories. Nelia who is a mom also doesn't get to be with her daughters. I felt the longing of her daughters for their mom because my mom was also a working woman when me and my sisters were growing up. Rey has to miss bonding with his son and has not visited his mother who lives alone in the province because of work.

Jessie, Nelia, and Rey have no idea that a big surprise was waiting for them. They didn't know that the order booked on the McDonald's branch was not for them to deliver a food. Instead, they found their family and friends waiting for them. 

The smile on the faces of Nelia's daughter is priceless! Whatever tampo they have for not being able to be with their mom most of the time was replaced with happiness. They understand that their mom's love is not measured by the length of time but spend together but by the happy memories they share.

Grandparents are the sweetest! I really love this scene. No matter how old we get, we will always be our lola's baby :)  I'm sure Jessie is the favorite apo. 

 I really got teary-eyed when Rey and his mom finally saw each other after so many years apart. Made me miss my mom so much. 

My family's language of love is eating. We literally spend a lot of time eating while chatting endlessly.  Although I see my sisters and nephew very often, I suddenly missed them after watching the video. I called up my sisters and told them to come over for lunch. 

McDonald's has been doing the tradition of giving back to their delivery riders in the past two years. These riders have been making us happy all the time. I'm glad that through McDonald's McDeliverback program, these hardworking riders were also able to spend precious time with their loved ones and share a meal together. 

Watch the video HERE and make sure you also surprise your family with their favorites from McDonald's.