7 Must-Visit Neighboring Country for Filipinos’ Holiday Trips


must visit asian countries

Filipinos are known for their traveling hobby abroad. It is not because the country wasn’t beautiful, but there are neighboring countries that can be easily accessed from the Philippines. Filipinos could take their holiday trips by various choices of transportation, such as planes, cars, or ships and ferries. 

One of the most prominent and fast choices of traveling transportation is the plane. You can easily choose from the Philippines Airlines flight Traveloka to get your ticket to go to neighboring countries. Also, there are various times to choose from when you go on Traveloka. 

So, besides the quick tips for getting your plane tickets, the most important thing is your designated destination of neighboring countries. Here are 7 must-visit countries for you, Filipinos!

Countries Worth To Visit Around The Philippines

1. Thailand

First of all, Thailand is the most visited country in Southeast Asia. The Philippines’ neighboring country is known for its tourist places — Thailand offers many attractions to choose from for a holiday trip. Also, the country is very hospitable for first-timer visitors with its flexible regulation. 

Thailand offers thousands of miles of beaches, islands, and resorts, with its activities galore. On the other hand, you will also find sacred and ancient destinations there, from its temples and ancient cities, which were built thousands of years ago. The capital city, Bangkok, offers various activities of natural and modern attractions, as holiday-focused spots. 

2. Indonesia

Mostly known for its beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia has a lot of tourist places to offer. As Filipinos, we will find many holiday destinations in the world’s fourth most populated country. Besides Bali, Indonesia has the most beautiful islands in the world, including Raja Ampat and Lombok. 

But, if you want a hidden gem of Indonesia, you can choose the Bangka or Belitong islands in the Sumatera or Flores, at the southern end of the country. One of the best things to take a holiday trip to Indonesia is the delicious yet tasteful delights of its traditional food choices. 

3. Vietnam

Vietnam, another beautiful neighboring country of the Philippines may only be a small country, but it has “big” choices of holiday destinations. Filipinos like to visit the country, especially its most famous city, Ho Chi Minh City. There, people spend a few days strolling around and enjoying tourist places.

Vietnam has one of the most iconic natural wonders, the Mekong Delta. There, you can enjoy sightseeing the river and shopping in its floating markets. Usually, after spending time in Ho Chi Minh, people spend their holiday time in the city of Hanoi to enjoy Halong Bay or other natural attractions. 

4. Cambodia

Cambodia is definitely one of the most exciting places for Filipinos. Only take a two-hours trip from the Philippines, you also have no need for a visa. But, the focal point is, you’ll find a really different sort of vacation experience in Cambodia. 

The temples of Siem Reap are a must-visit place in the country. Then, explore the beaches and rivers around the country with a traveler’s most visited holiday spots. There, you will find many tourist places with unique styles. 

5. Taiwan

Another two-hours country to visit, Taiwan welcomes you and Filipinos with its beautiful attractions. In the country, you’ll find strong Chinese-cultured places with its unique surroundings. One of the most-visited is the capital city, Taipei, which offers skyscrapers scattered by historical sites of museums and temples. 

Taiwan gets about 10 million tourists every year, and they come to the country for its culture, holiday spots, and for food!

Those 5 must-visit countries for you as Filipinos. To book your accommodation for holiday-in there, choose Traveloka as your traveling partner. The steps are easy, you need to register your account and book your room or ticket. Then, confirm your book and pay it with various payment methods.

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