Maximizing Efficiency in Setting Up New Business Premises


business premises

When a home-based business outgrows its birthplace or an online store seeks to expand its physical footprint, a move to new business premises becomes necessary. While the recent move towards home working has made commercial renting and real estate more of a buyers’ market, it’s still one that requires you to be flexible and smart in your choices, particularly when it comes to scheduling. Time being the lifeblood of business, a speedy transition is paramount to avoid costly delays and start reaping profits swiftly.

In order to make the overall process faster and less stressful - and, just as importantly, more affordable for you as a business - it is essential to keep some principles in mind.

Finding Ready-to-go Premises

The key to a rapid move lies in choosing nearly ready-to-use premises. The less work required before occupancy, the lesser the potential for unforeseen jobs that can disrupt schedules. Opt for spaces where lighting infrastructure simply needs a refresh with LED retrofit kits instead of a total replacement. Prioritize recent vacancies over fixer-uppers, reducing downtime and keeping your focus on your primary business operations. The need for minor repairs can even serve as a bargaining chip to negotiate a better lease or purchase price. Especially if the lease holder has recently had clients move out, they’ll be keen to see movement and will likely be flexible for a quick sale.

Scheduling the Renovation

Effective planning can expedite the renovation process. Minimize delays by taking on DIY tasks or ensuring that contracted teams hit the ground running on day one. Pre-arrange any necessary inspections and certifications, lining them up to occur immediately post-repair. This strategy not only shortens waiting times for available inspectors but also establishes a firm deadline for the completion of the renovations. Few things focus the mind quite like a deadline, and readiness to move fast is going to be essential throughout this process.

Visualizing the Finished Premises

Having a clear vision of your finished premises prior to initiating repairs is crucial. This foresight allows you to prioritize high-traffic zones and streamline the overall setup. As each area is refurbished, furniture, equipment, and other necessary items can be moved in simultaneously. This strategy negates the need for a secondary move-in process, reducing further delays. Additionally, it allows you to make any repairs that may result from the move-in - because damage to flooring and walls from incautious handling of desks is something that always seems to happen.


Timely setup and operationalization of new business premises hinge on three core strategies: selecting nearly ready spaces, scheduling renovations smartly, and visualizing the finished setup in advance. The more proactive and efficient you are, the faster your transition will be, turning your new premises from a potential overhead expense into a profitable asset. After all, every moment your business isn't running is a moment of lost potential profit. So, choose your space wisely, plan ahead, and soon you'll be flipping the switch on your new lights and welcoming clients into your new location.