Ecoverse Experience at SM City East Ortigas


Prepare to be transported on a mesmerizing voyage unlike any other, as Eco-Verse Experience takes you on an immersive, multi-media art expedition that spans from the very roots of our planet to the farthest reaches of the universe.

Make sure you have your camera ready as you explore the four instagrammable areas of the exhibit.

Earth and Hyperspace

Immerse in the rich diversity of of Earth and nature. Explore the breathtaking landscapes and scenery providing a sense of presence and connection  with nature.

Vivid Grounds

Step into a space of brilliance and wonder with a symphony of illumination and reflections. A garden of sparkles and illusions transcending every corner of the room with creativity and imagination.

Flower Forest

Get lost in the enchanting world of colorful and vibrant flower forest installation. The larger than life blooms come in different variety such as daisies and roses.

Pivot Dome: Earth to Universe

Take a trip from Earth to outer space and learn more about the planets and the solar system. Enjoy the magic of the universe inside the 360 degree dome.

In order to enter the Ecoverse, all you have to do is present a P 1,000 single or accumulated receipts from any establishment in SM City East Ortigas in exchange for four (4) EcoEx pass. Students only need to present P100 single or accumulated receipts in exchange for one (1) EcoEx pass.

Shoes are not allowed inside the rooms so make sure that you are wearing socks. Only 5 people per batch are allowed inside and can only stay for 15 minutes per room.

The Ecoverse Experience is available at SM City East Ortigas from September 4 - 24, 2023. For more information, follow