Unveiling the Future of Out-of-Home Advertising: United Neon Launches Southeast Asia's First Integrated 3D Digital Billboard


United Neon 3D Digital Billboard

With the holiday season just around the corner, United Neon, a trailblazer in out-of-home advertising in the Philippines, has set a new milestone by revealing Southeast Asia's first-ever integrated 3D Digital Billboard. This groundbreaking initiative follows the success of last year's launch of the country's inaugural 3D Naked Eye digital billboard at the prominent 5th Avenue in Bonifacio Global City (BGC), earning them recognition from the prestigious Philippine Marketing Association.

The Spectacle Unveiled

This year, United Neon treated the public to a world-class visual extravaganza displayed on an impressive 400-square-meter screen. The integrated 3D digital billboard unfolded into a captivating miniature city, immersing the audience in a delightful adventure aboard a moving Christmas train laden with gifts. The unveiling sparked collective gasps and shrieks of joy from the enthralled crowd.

A Leap into Innovation

Benjamin Lim, Deputy Chief Operating Officer of United Neon, expressed the company's pride in bringing the creative, interactive, and highly experiential platform of integrated 3D digital billboards to the Philippines. Drawing inspiration from the 3D billboards in cosmopolitan cities like Tokyo, Dubai, Seoul, and New York, United Neon aims to provide a unique and engaging experience for the Filipino audience.

Effectiveness for Brands

Beyond entertainment, Lim highlighted the effectiveness of the integrated 3D digital billboard as a platform for brands to connect with their audience amid the continuously evolving consumer behavior. In a world saturated with advertisements, United Neon aims to captivate viewers actively, fostering a deeper connection between brands and consumers through immersive content.

BGC as the Perfect Canvas

Choosing BGC as the location for Southeast Asia's first integrated 3D billboard was a strategic decision, according to Lim. He emphasized BGC's role as a melting pot of diverse socio-economic classes, cultures, and an epicenter of innovation and business in the Philippines. The location aligns seamlessly with the vision of showcasing the most innovative screens in the region.

Gratitude to Partners

Lim expressed gratitude to key partners, the Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation (FBDC) and the SSI Group, acknowledging their pivotal role in making the launch of the groundbreaking 3D digital billboard possible. Their support has been instrumental in bringing this innovative advertising platform to fruition.

Brands Embrace the Innovation

The remarkable efforts of United Neon have not gone unnoticed by brands. Lim expressed joy in witnessing the enthusiasm of brands eager to showcase their ads on the 3D digital billboards. As United Neon continues to push the boundaries of advertising, they count on their partner brands to contribute to the evolution of this unique canvas.

United Neon's launch of Southeast Asia's first integrated 3D Digital Billboard marks a significant stride in the realm of out-of-home advertising. As the holiday season approaches, brands have a compelling opportunity to leverage this innovative platform to engage with the audience in ways previously unexplored. United Neon's commitment to pushing boundaries ensures that the integrated 3D digital billboard will continue to redefine how brands tell their stories, creating a lasting impact on the advertising landscape in the Philippines and beyond.