Coca-Cola Philippines' Environmental Sustainability Milestones in 2023 and Beyond


As 2023 draws to a close, Coca-Cola Philippines proudly reflects on the significant strides it has made in the realm of environmental sustainability. The beverage giant not only reinforced its commitment to a "World Without Waste" but also unveiled ambitious plans for 2024. 

Strengthening Commitment to World Without Waste Targets

In 2023, Coca-Cola Philippines intensified its efforts to meet the World Without Waste targets. The launch of "May Ikabobote Pa," a brand-led initiative, showcased the company's dedication to inspiring behavioral change among consumers regarding recycling. This initiative encompasses partnerships with organizations advocating for a circular economy for plastic packaging.

Circular Economy for Plastic Packaging

A noteworthy step towards a circular economy involved the introduction of bottles made from 100% recycled PET plastic (rPET). Coca-Cola Philippines expanded its rPET packaging to include various products, emphasizing its commitment to sustainable packaging practices. The "May Ikabobote Pa" initiative, complemented by rPET labels, encourages consumers to recycle by featuring a call to action and a QR code linking to the Coca-Cola Sustainability Hub.

World Without Waste

Consumer Engagement and Recycling Programs

"May Ikabobote Pa" not only educates consumers about recycling but also enhances their experience through digital-led communications and partnerships with outlets like 7-Eleven and Shel. The Coca-Cola Sustainability Hub provides valuable information, including the locations of over 2,800 recycling drop-off points across the country, fostering a sense of community engagement.

Leveraging Partnerships for Effective Waste Management

Since aligning with The Coca-Cola Company's World Without Waste global strategy in 2018, Coca-Cola Philippines has actively formed alliances with the government, NGOs, and civil society. The goal is to make recycling more accessible by expanding recycling drop-off points and engaging micro-entrepreneurs through programs like Tapon to Ipon and Tindahan Extra Mile Balik PET Bottle.

For 2024, the company aims to expand its partner network to 2,400 carinderias and sari-sari stores in Metro Manila. Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines has also inaugurated Tapon to Ipon store hubs in 170 cities, promoting economic empowerment and a community-backed circular economy for plastic packaging.

Supporting Informal Waste Sector Workers

Coca-Cola Philippines collaborates with social entrepreneur Plastic Bank to improve the welfare of informal waste sector workers. The partnership has activated numerous waste collection locations and community members, resulting in the collection of a substantial amount of post-consumer bottles for recycling.

Preserving Water Resources

Recognizing the global impact of climate change on water resources, Coca-Cola Philippines is dedicated to water security initiatives. The company focuses on efficient water use in manufacturing, improving watershed health, and aiding communities in accessing safe and clean water.

Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines has significantly improved its national water use efficiency, saving approximately 11 million cubic meters of water from 2015 to 2022. The Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines prioritizes nature-based solutions, collaborating with over 25 partners to return an equivalent amount of water used in production to nature and communities. 

As Coca-Cola Philippines concludes 2023 with a myriad of achievements in environmental sustainability, its vision for 2024 remains steadfast. The company aims to continue its journey towards a "World Without Waste," expanding partnerships, engaging communities, and promoting sustainable practices. With a legacy of over a century in the Philippines, Coca-Cola remains committed to refreshing the world while making a positive and enduring impact on the environment and communities.