Immerse Yourself in the Magic of Christmas: Stay at Santa’s Cabin in Rovaniemi, Finland now on Airbnb


Santa Claus Cabin Finland

Step into the enchanting world of Santa Claus this holiday season by booking a once-in-a-lifetime stay at Santa Claus' Cabin in Rovaniemi, Finland. This unique experience, hosted on Airbnb, invites guests to become honorary elves, assisting Santa's Chief Elf in sorting through the thousands of letters received daily from eager children and adults worldwide.

Nestled in the heart of the Arctic Circle, Santa’s Cabin offers a magical escape for a family seeking the ultimate yuletide adventure. The cabin has been transformed into a winter wonderland, complete with traditional Lapland decorations, a wardrobe of elf-wear, and all the accessories needed for a cozy elven retreat. Best of all, the stay is absolutely free of charge.

Upon arrival, guests will receive a crash course in 'elfing' from Chief Elf Katja and her team. Engage in various tasks, from sorting letters and stamping them with the special Arctic Circle postmark to experiencing the day-to-day workings of Santa Claus' Post Office. After fulfilling their elf duties, guests can savor traditional Finnish meals, embark on a snowmobile adventure, witness the northern lights, and indulge in the most Finnish experience of all – a relaxing session in a traditional sauna.

Immerse yourself in the spirit of the season by respecting a few simple rules, including asking Santa nicely before taking an "elfie" with him, keeping boots off in Santa Claus' Cabin, and embracing the attire of an elf – a felt hat with a jingling bell paired with a freshly ironed tunic.

This exclusive stay in Finland will be available for three nights from December 18-21, 2023. Interested guests can request to book starting Monday, December 11, at 12 pm EET/6 pm PHT on The package includes complimentary return flights to Rovaniemi from London Heathrow Airport via Finnair, thanks to Visit Finland. The stay is suitable for up to two adults and two children, and all meals are included.

To support children with special needs, Airbnb will make a one-time donation to Special Children's Omaiset ELO, a peer support association benefiting Lappish children and young people with special needs and their families.

Experience the holiday season like never before by booking your stay at Santa's Cabin. Join Santa's elves, create lasting memories, and embrace the magic of Christmas in the Arctic Circle. For those unable to secure this exclusive stay, explore Airbnb's Arctic Category to discover other unique accommodations, including igloos and cabins, in the enchanting Arctic Circle.