#TaposAngKapos: Maymay Entrata and her Besties Celebrate Their Switch to the NEW Whisper Long Protect!


A big win for all us girls!

Last November 18, hundreds of women joined the Whisper #GoLangGoLonger Launch Party to celebrate the launch of the NEW Whisper Long Protect, as well as celebrating women who have made the switch to this new Whisper pad. This launch was held in Puregold – Sucat together with Maymay Entrata, Whisper’s newest ambassador and one of Philippines’ top celebrities!

The launch of this new pad rightfully calls for a party to celebrate the girls who have made or are about to make that pad switch. 

The party was held at Puregold – Sucat, a strange venue for some, perhaps, but not for those who closely follow Whisper. Long-time whisper besties would know that the trusted sanitary brand, together with its partner World Vision, has long been a champion of normalizing period discussions everywhere. In recent years, it has used various public platforms, from schools to social media, to openly discuss period matters and promote proper menstrual hygiene across different campuses and communities.

Finally, a pad that deserves our trust! 

Days before the party kicked off, the new Whisper Long Protect was already trending on TikTok as girls testified to enjoying better period management and newfound period confidence since making the switch to the new long pad.

After experiencing the discomforts of using kapos pads—experiencing tagos, missing out on important life events, and facing limits that prevent them from achieving their goals—one too many times, these girls have finally learned their lesson and put the kapos life behind them with the help of their newest period bestie.

They can’t stop gushing over Whisper Long Protect’s 40% longer length (vs. Whisper’s regular pad) and *3x longer-lasting leakage protection that keeps them protected from leaks and unwanted stains (*based on gush run-off test vs Brand X). And with an SRP of only 45 pesos, Whisper Long Protect is one of the few if not only long pad you can get at the same price as a regular pad, providing more pad coverage without the need to spend more.

#GoLangGoLonger with Whisper 

Entering into a new era of period confidence, Maymay and her Whisper Besties kicked-off the party by celebrating the girls who made the switch at the event with a super flash mob. 

But this remarkable show of confidence was not only for show, as a live product demo proved Whisper Long Protect’s 3x longer-lasting leakage protection. Maymay also testified sharing, “Dapat yung pad natin is yung mata-trust natin na talagang ‘di mali-limit yung mga galaw natin kapag nasa work, sumasayaw, nag-aaral. Kaya tamang-tama yung new Whisper Long Protect kasi di ka kakapusin and no tagos talaga.”

Switch to your new period Bestie! 

Like Maymay and our Whisper Besties, you and your fellow besties can join the celebration by switching to Whisper Long Protect, your new trusted long pad with 3x longer-lasting leakage protection at the price of a regular pad! 

Buy the NEW Whisper Long Protect now, available for just 45 pesos SRP in leading supermarkets nationwide and in Lazada, Shopee and TikTok Shop.