Outside the court, the UP Maroons are doting dog dads


The joy of coming home to a happy dog is irreplaceable. Good or bad day, your dogs will always welcome you at the door with excitement and unbridled happiness to see you. Once you settle down, they’ll be ready to chill and play with you. This is what some players of the UP Maroons feel whenever they come home from training and big game days.

Many sports fans tune in to UAAP Basketball to watch the UP Maroons dominate their games. During Season 84, the UP team clinched the championship, which was celebrated by students and alumni around the country. They continued their dominant streak this year as they reached the finals once again. Although the UP Maroons placed second, they still showed their fire and determination to win.

When they’re not playing their hearts out on the court, the UP Maroons are doting pet dads as they spend their free time with their dogs.

Maroon’s best friend

For UP Maroons team captain CJ Cansino, walking and playing with his Corgi, Milo, re-energizes him whenever he’s back home in Laguna. “I make sure na ako nag-aalaga sa kanya, ako nag-iikot sa kanya, ako nagpapakain sa kanya,” he says.

When Aldous Torculas got his American Bulldog, Zion, during the pandemic, he spent a lot of time with him to feel relaxed. “Best memory ko yung nakuha ko si Zion nung pandemic. Tuwang-tuwa ako everytime na gigising ako, siya agad yung pinupuntahan ko,” he says.

Loyal family members

More than anything, dogs are important members of the family. They are like children and siblings you take good care of, even spoiling them with yummy food and cute toys. At the same time, they repay the love you give with loyalty and companionship.

UAAP Season 85 MVP Malick Diouf considers his two dogs, Emma and Bellie, as great company. They’re always there for him whenever he feels down, so he can count on them whenever he needs a pick-me-up.

Meanwhile, Fil-Am player Sean Alter shares that he can’t wait to see his dog Wicky when he goes home to the US. The small white Maltese-Poodle is “always happy” to see Sean, and always cuddles with him. “It’s a lot of responsibility to take care of a dog, but having [a dog] to cuddle when you are feeling lonely or down, it’s the best feeling,” he says.

Whether they’re living with their dogs or living away from them, the UP Maroons always make sure that they invest time and effort for their furbabies. They may not be around all the time because of their grueling schedules, but they know what’s best for them, such as giving them nutrient-rich TopBreed dog food to enjoy every day.

Every athlete, including the UP Maroons, has a strong commitment to their sport. But amid photos and clips of basketball highlights, the UP Maroons aren’t scared to show their compassionate side with their beloved dogs. Regardless if they win or lose games, their dogs and loved ones will always be there to welcome them home.