Tyla's "Water" Makes Waves in the Philippines as Sarah Geronimo and Kathryn Bernardo Join the Phenomenon

Tyla Water

Grammy-nominated R&B sensation Tyla has become a household name in the Philippines, capturing the hearts of fans and celebrities alike. Her hit single, "Water," has not only dominated global music charts but has also taken the Philippine entertainment scene by storm. In particular, the performances by two of the country's biggest celebrities, Sarah Geronimo and Kathryn Bernardo, have contributed to the song's skyrocketing popularity. Let's dive into the details of how "Water" is making waves in the Philippines.

Filipino pop superstar Sarah Geronimo stunned audiences with her phenomenal rendition of Tyla's "Water" during the ASAP Natin ‘To TV performance on December 17, 2023. The electrifying number quickly became a trending topic on the social media platform X, captivating the attention of fans across the Philippines. Tyla, the South African singer-songwriter behind the hit, couldn't help but express her amazement at the grand production, costumes, and choreography, sharing her excitement on X.

Adding to the craze, actress and performer Kathryn Bernardo showcased her dance prowess with a memorable performance of "Water" at the ABS-CBN Christmas Special 2023. Bernardo's dance routine left a lasting impression on the Filipino audience, contributing further to the song's widespread popularity.

Released on July 28, 2023, "Water" immediately became a global sensation, topping charts in New Zealand and securing a spot in the top ten across various countries, including the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the Philippines. The track, blending Amapiano and Afrobeats with sensual R&B, received remix treatments from hip-hop titan Travis Scott and EDM icon Marshmello, adding to its allure.

In the Philippines, "Water" reached impressive heights, peaking at No. 13 on the Spotify Philippines Top 50 and claiming the eighth spot on the Billboard Philippines chart. The song's pervasive presence on television, radio, online platforms, and high-profile playlists such as Viral Hits Philippines and Pop Rising PH further solidified its status as a chart-topping anthem.

As the buzz around "Water" continues to grow, Tyla is gearing up for an even more significant 2024 with the release of her self-titled debut album, TYLA. The 21-year-old Amapiano star's upcoming record promises to be the culmination of her incredible journey thus far and the exciting beginning of what lies ahead.

Tyla's "Water" has become a cultural phenomenon in the Philippines, with celebrities like Sarah Geronimo and Kathryn Bernardo contributing to its widespread popularity. As the Grammy-nominated artist prepares to launch her debut album, TYLA, the infectious summer anthem shows no signs of slowing down. The Philippines remains captivated by the "Water" wave, a testament to Tyla's rising star power in the country.