PLDT and Smart Partner with Quirino Provincial Government for Groundbreaking Mental Health Summit


In a groundbreaking collaboration, PLDT and Smart joined forces with the Provincial Government of Quirino to host a Mental Health Awareness Summit, emphasizing the significance of mental well-being among students and government employees in the province. This event, held as part of the Better Today program, featured esteemed mental health professionals, fostering a platform for open conversations and destigmatizing mental health concerns in the community.

Empowering Minds with Expert Insights

The summit brought together mental health advocates such as Riyan Portuguez ("Your Millennial Psychologist"), renowned doctor and podcaster Dr. Gia Sison, and popular content creator Macoy Dubs. These experts shared their insights, contributing to the dialogue surrounding mental health awareness and wellness.

Provincial Governor Dakila Carlo “Dax” E. Cua expressed gratitude to PLDT and Smart for spearheading this vital initiative. He highlighted the summit's role in shedding light on the importance of mental health care, breaking down stigmas, and spreading a message of hope.

#BetterToday: A Safe Haven for Mental Well-being

Cathy Yang, First Vice President and Group Head for Corporate Communications at PLDT, underscored the significance of the Better Today program. The initiative aims to provide a safe space for fostering inter-generational conversations on mental health and wellness. Yang emphasized that through Better Today, PLDT and Smart are committed to creating a safe, inclusive space, reinforcing the sense of togetherness and camaraderie.

She further emphasized the role of technology in positively impacting Filipino lives, aligning with PLDT and Smart's commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goal #3, which advocates for good health and well-being.

Interactive Learning and Engagement

The summit wasn't just a lecture; it offered participants an interactive experience. Breakout sessions allowed attendees to process the insights gained from the speakers. Importantly, participants engaged with Riyan Portuguez, posing questions on various mental health-related topics, from self-care practices to managing and regulating strong emotions. The summit aimed to equip individuals with practical strategies for enhancing their mental and emotional well-being.

Digital Wellness as a Commitment

Promoting digital wellness remains a central focus for PLDT and Smart, aligning with their commitment to contributing to UN Sustainable Development Goal #3. By addressing mental health concerns and fostering open discussions, the collaboration seeks to make a meaningful impact on the overall health and well-being of the Filipino community.

The Mental Health Awareness Summit in Quirino stands as a testament to the power of partnerships in creating positive change, emphasizing that, together, we can build a supportive environment where mental health is prioritized and celebrated.