Best Foods Mayo Magic Sulit Negosyo Pack Revolutionizes Food Business Operations


Best Foods Mayo Magic Sulit Negosyo Pack

If you're a food business owner on the quest for top-quality ingredients without breaking the bank, your search has officially come to an end. Best Foods, a renowned brand under Unilever Food Solutions (UFS), has recently launched its Mayo Magic Sulit Negosyo Pack, unlocking a world of culinary possibilities for small and independent food business operators.

Whitespace Manila, Makati, witnessed a culinary revolution on February 8th, as food enthusiasts and entrepreneurs gathered for Best Foods' More Mayo, More Magic Cooking Workshop. Led by Guest Chef Mark Joseph (Chef Marky) and negosyo recipe influencer Nina Bacani, the event showcased the transformative power of one liter of mayonnaise in crafting delectable dishes for everyday consumers.

The launch of Mayo Magic Sulit Negosyo Pack comes at a crucial time when small food business operators grapple with maintaining quality offerings amid rising costs due to inflation. Recognizing the challenges faced by these operators, Nicki Gutierrez, UFS Brand Manager, emphasized the need to find affordable solutions to create high-quality dishes without compromising on taste.

In a product versatility showcase, attendees were challenged to create six mouth-watering dishes using the Mayo Magic one-liter pack. From egg salad sandwiches to burgers, fries and dip, hotdogs, baked snapper, and shawarma – the event demonstrated how food preparation can be both easy and cost-effective, catering to the high-quality demands of small and independent food operators.

Chef Marky highlighted the versatility of mayonnaise, stating, "The true magic of mayonnaise itself is its versatility." He encouraged food business operators to embrace the solution provided by Mayo Magic, making food preparation enjoyable for both operators and customers.

Best Foods Mayo Magic Sulit Negosyo Pack

Best Foods Mayo Magic, known as the first double-whipped mayonnaise globally, boasts a thicker, creamier, and more heat-stable formulation than its predecessors. The new packaging prioritizes sustainability, featuring a lower greenhouse gas (GHG) and carbon footprint. With reduced salt, sugar, fat, and calorie formulation, Mayo Magic is positioned as the no-compromise solution for food business operators.

Best Foods, a leading brand under UFS, continues to pioneer culinary innovations with the Mayo Magic Sulit Negosyo Pack. Designed as a no-compromise solution for food business operators, this versatile and sustainable mayonnaise opens new doors for creating high-quality dishes at an affordable price. As it finds its way into kitchens across the globe, Mayo Magic is set to redefine the culinary landscape for small and independent food businesses.