Ways to show care and affection this Love Month


February is the month of love, and that time of the year when you shower your significant others with affection and passion. Giving gifts on Valentine’s Day—or the entire February, for those who want it to be a month-long celebration—may seem passe. Why celebrate “love month” when you’re supposed to express love all year long, right? 

But let’s be honest: receiving a gift for Valentine’s Day can put a smile on anyone’s face. There is no reason why you should deny your loved one from feeling this joy this February. 

It can be difficult to find that perfect Valentine’s gift, though. So, here’s a modest guide for those looking for sweet, thoughtful, and money-wise presents and treats. 

Simple does the trick. Perhaps you feel the temptation to veer away from the “traditional”—in short: cliché—gifts usually associated with Valentine’s Day. But cliches are cliches for a reason. Many may think that flowers are not as useful or enjoyable as practical gifts, they have the power to make a person feel happy immediately. According to an article in Psychology Today, flowers can cause the brain to trigger dopamine, equating flowers as a reward due to their bright colors and how it has been used in society throughout the years. Flowers don’t last forever—a signal to love’s ephemeral yet beautiful nature.

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Share a meal, share the love. The common aphorism goes that food is an adequate symbol of love when our words are inadequate. And there are literary and societal reasons for this. The greatest writers have used food as a metaphor to convey a range of meanings and emotions, love among them. Food is also used as a medium for expressing sociability and hospitality. Meals are often shared with family and friends. Food markets are central hubs of many communities, too. A meal—a special one at that—as a celebration of love this February heightens these aspects up to several notches. 

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Spirits to liven up your spirit. Want to do your Love Month celebration DIY this year? Order food from your favorite restaurant, blast your go-to romantic soundtrack and you should be good to go! But don’t forget the cocktails and drinks to make the night extra special. You can enjoy a P350-discount on their purchases on Boozy.ph if you use your RCBC Credit Card with the promo code BOOZYRCBC350 (valid on regular-priced items for a minimum order of P3,500). 

Escape to romance. But if you want something extra special for the love month, perhaps a vacation out of town would do the trick. A day or two at a resort outside of the city—or away from your usual environs—can do wonders to make you feel the romance this month. After all, they say a vacation is defined not by where you go but by who you go with. Of course, it would help if your destination is romantic and exciting, and can encourage a bit of quiet, quality time between you and your loved one. Two Seasons Resorts in Palawan and Boracay offer a 30-percent discount to RCBC Credit Card holders until February 28, 2024. To avail of the promo, cardholders must book directly with the hotel via hotline or email using their RCBC Credit Card. An advance reservation is required.

There are many other ways you can enjoy and celebrate this love month! Check out the RCBC Credit website to see their many amazing promos and deals to help you express your love for the month of February!