Donny Pangilinan Stars in Pepsi Game-Changing Zero Sugar Lime Flavor Launch


Pepsi Zero Sugar Lime

Quench your thirst with a twist as Pepsi introduces its latest creation: the New Pepsi Zero Sugar Lime–real tasting, bold, & different! This exciting addition to the Pepsi lineup introduces a splash of tangy lime to elevate your soda experience. Embodying the bold and different spirit of the new Pepsi Zero Sugar Lime is charismatic actor and influencer, Donny Pangilinan.

What makes Pepsi Zero Sugar Lime stand out is its guilt-free indulgence. This drink offers all the flavors without any sugar. But it's not just about what it lacks; it's about what it adds. The delicious swirl of lime introduces a zesty twist, creating a fun, fruity, and flavorful profile that's sure to make it an instant favorite.

To add more flavor to the mix, Pepsi encourages you to be part of the revolution. Share your bold and different moments with Pepsi Zero Sugar Lime using the hashtags #PepsiMasMasarapMaiba and #PepsiZeroSugarLime. Whether you're sipping it at a party or incorporating it into your daily routine, let the world know that your taste buds have taken a leap into the future of flavor.

Ready to join the flavor revolution? Pepsi Zero Sugar Lime is now available in 320ml cans for purchase in leading supermarkets and PepsiCo’s official online shops. Don't just drink it: experience the bold and different taste that Donny Pangilinan approves of. Elevate your soda game—get your Pepsi Zero Sugar Lime today!

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