The Final Stand: ‘Hightown’ Season 3 Marks the End of an Epic Journey


Hightown Season 3

Brace for a storm as the last chapter of the crime series Hightown streams on Lionsgate Play on PLDT Home and Smart.

Hightown Season 3 is now on Lionsgate Play! The gripping crime series is an emotional rollercoaster that follows Jackie Quiñonez's (Monica Raymund), a National Marine Fisheries Service agent struggling to maintain her sobriety amidst the harrowing opioid crisis plaguing Cape Cod. In Season 2, viewers witnessed Jackie's pursuit to establish herself as a cop and seek justice for a tragic loss. In the third and final season, beliefs will be challenged, loyalties tested, and Jackie will navigate a path where she must learn to stand firm for her convictions.

On her initial thoughts on Hightown heroine Jackie, Monica Raymundo says, “I was really intrigued by how messy she was and how imperfect, flawed, and dark. I wanted to explore… these phases of life that all of us go through, these messy I-don’t-know phases… and like, living in that immaturity before we really start to sort of know who we are. So when I read the script I was intrigued by how she skirts the line of light and darkness. Who she is in private vs. who she is in public.”

Reflecting on his experience working on the show, Atkins Estimond, who plays ambitious lieutenant Osito Delgado, says,"One of the best cast and crews that I've ever had the opportunity to work with... Everybody here really cares about each other, but also, we really care about this project. We really care about this show... It's just been a real gift and a treasure to be on this show."