Victory Liner Deluxe Bus


People from the lowlands are now flocking to Baguio to beat the summer heat. The most convenient way to travel is to have your private car (as long as you are not the driver). But should you opt for another means of transportation, Victory Liner is to the rescue. You can travel up north via the ordinary air conditioned bus or travel in extra comfort via the spacious Deluxe bus.

Victory Liner Deluxe Bus
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The Deluxe Bus are very spacious, with only 3 seats in a row. You can comfortably recline the seat and lift the footrest. The bus is equipped with a comfort room thus eliminating the need for a stopover. For the techies, the bus is wi-fi enabled.

I don't have patience for long queues and the possibility of ending up as a chance passenger. Good thing Victory Liner accepts online reservation. I ordered my ticket online and the ticket was delivered in three days upon payment through bank deposit.

The regular air conditioned bus leaves every hour  while the Deluxe bus first trip is at 10:15 am, 11:15 am and 12:15 am.