Cafe By The Ruins


I recently visited Baguio to attend the wedding of a dear friend. it was actually our first time to meet in person after years of communicating online. We met through a blog site and what has started out as a simple comment on a blog post blossomed into friendship. My friend and her not-so-new husband met with me and my husband for breakfast the day after the wedding. Isn't she sweet! She suggested that we try out Cafe by the Ruins . What an angel! I really want to try that restaurant because of the reviews I have read when I was planning the trip.

The four of us ordered the Filipino "Lon-Si-Log". This is not your ordinary longsilog. The longganisa is cooked without the casing. A bit crispy and tastes garlicky. The meal includes a fruit cup and coffee. The free coffee came with what I thought was a mini cookie. My friend told us that it is the sweetener. You simply drop it into your cup and then let it melt. It was great she told us that or I might have eaten it like a cookie. My friend's husband wanted us to try the Sticky Buns. Too bad it was not available. He instead ordered Glazed Cinnamon Rolls. I'm not a big fan of anything cinnamon but I genuinely loved their cinnamon rolls. I am curious with the Crispy Tapa but did not find it in the Breakfast menu. Must try when I return! It was our last day in Baguio. After the breakfast, me and my husband  just head back to The Manor to check out then we're off to Victory Liner.

The newlywed gave us "pabaon" to have something to eat during the 5 hour trip. I was sleeping most of the trip and so the "pabaon" was eaten the next morning for breakfast. I love the kamote bread. I had it paired with butter, strawberry jam, sunny side up and bacon. For the basil bread, I cooked pasta for dinner and they complemented each other.