Bless Me Father For I Have Sinned


I've been hearing about how sinfully delicious this Greek dessert is. This was included in my "must try" food in Boracay. But I always end up not having room for dessert after every sumptuous meal. Last Monday, I was with my husband at Shangri-la Mall and we decided to dine at Cyma Greek Taverna. I must not let the chance of indulging pass me by.

The waiter was smiling when I ordered Skolatina. He must have sensed the excitement in my voice when I said, "and I want an order of Skolatina!" The warm molten chocolate cake, the vanilla ice cream and the caramel sauce in one plate is so sinful! Especially for me because I have been watching my insulin level. Oh how I wish they'll make a sugar-free version of this. This is my new comfort food, If only I could have it as often as I want.