Yesterday I Cried


"Life is about cleaning up the crap and, while you're doing it, 
being okay with the fact that you have to do it.... A word of caution. 
You can't get caught up in the crap! If you do, 
you will surely lose sight of the real meaning of life and lose your Self."
My friend sent me a book written by Iyanla Vanzant. It has been with me for a week now but I just can't get past the page where the poem is written. One of the best poems I have ever read. I envy the author because after reading the poem, I felt like this is the poem I wish I had written.

The book YESTERDAY I CRIED is an inspirational book about celebrating the lessons of living and loving. I'm so lucky to have a friend who knows the kind of books I like. This book is such a treasure. I recently installed the Kindle for Android on my phone and I hope I'll find an e-book version of this.