Panglao Island Nature Resort and Spa

My husband just returned from his 9-month US assignment and we want to make up for the months we were separated. Panglao Island Nature Resort and Spa is a great escape destination in Bohol. Unlike other resorts in Bohol, as the name suggests, this resort is located in an island and thus does not share the beach front with any other resorts. 

The Dream Islet, a man-made islet, is one of the resort's amenities that I love. You can walk going to the islet during low tide.

My favorite spot in the restaurant every meal time is the Seaview Gazebo. The different shades of blue and the sound of the waves are so relaxing.

If you want some private dining, you can request the waiter to deliver your food in this floating structure.

Just like the way I want my order of iced tea to be served.

I love the feeling of freedom in this resort. We were actually able to explore every corner of the property.

And the feeling of having this island all to ourselves even though there are other guests.

The morning walk for some sunshine at this lush garden is so invigorating.

We've found another marker inside the resort on our way to the cave.

Cambagat Cave is within the grounds of Panglao Island Nature Resort and Spa.

I was actually very hesitant to get inside the cave because I suspect there are scary bats in there but I don't want to pass up the chance of an adventure. It's my first time to get inside a cave and I love first times!

Kinda difficult to enter the cave

We had to bend really low or we'll be hit by the stalactites.

It seems they were formed long before I was born

There's an inviting cool, clear water inside the cave but we weren't able to take a dip.

It says 12 ft deep! But worry not. You will be required to wear a life jacket to ensure safety.

I feel much safer sitting here :)

I wanted to walk towards the Dream Islet but the water started rising up.

When we stepped on the islet, I thought this place is nice for a private party.

You'll have the view of the cottages on one side

The serene beachfront on this side..

And the captivating horizon as backdrop on the other side.

Okay, don't you wonder where the other guests are? We only see them during meal time!

and the kids are nowhere to be found!

On our second day of stay, we availed of the spa services at Mithi Spa. The spa is located on the other side of the resort. We were fetch by a golf cart.

The rain has just stopped and the cool breeze is very refreshing. I love the location of the spa and the view from the deck.

Included in our package was an hour of massage. We also availed of other services offered at the Spa.

We discovered this pool at the Spa and again we had it all to ourselves.

The pool very clean and didn't irritate my eyes. I was wearing contact lens.

My lifeguard on duty :)

We just spent the whole morning here swimming, eating and relaxing.

The restaurant was located very far from the Spa but they were kind enough to bring us lunch. I was so sunburnt already.

We had a sumptuous lunch of Salmon in Sour Broth, Tanigue Steak and Fish Ceviche.

Night time. Time to explore the recreation area.


Darts and Table Tennis

Coin-operated mini carousel


And this smitten bunny!

We had a wonderful 4 days and 3 nights stay at the Panglao Island Nature Resort. Looking forward to returning in the near future.